Truslate by GAF?

Well to name a just a few. Let me see here 8)
No Headlap for one :shock: “but that dosent really matter” I doubt it will be on the market long.

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Thanks for the reply.

We had a Tru Slate room installed in 2012 and the two China quarried skates are rusting. Now the slate is quarried in Canada and North America.

Slates, not skates. Do you know anyone else having this issue?

Tru Slate is one of the worst products on the market. We specialize in tile and slate repairs and spend a lot of time on Tru Slate roofs. It is an absolute joke and I have pictures and documentation to prove it. If you don’t want to take my word for it go ahead and expose yourself to major liability. You WILL be sued along with the manufacturer if your roof goes bad, regardless of if you are at fault. Also ask yourself, if they can’t make a good composition shingle do you trust their slate?

Hey tileman, you should share some Pics with the trueslate issues. I’ve never actually saw a trueslate roof in real life (probably better that way). To me it does seem like one of the worst designed roofing systems i’ve Ever heard of.

What information do you have on Tru Slate? We had our old Hardie Slate replaced with Tru Slate in 2012, and the Slate is from China and it’s rusting. I understand that the new slate they are selling- installing is out of the US and Canada. The China slate has to much iron i was told?

The Tru Slate is from the US Nd Canada now! It was not back in 2012, or at least what was put on my house was from China and it’s rusting.
I was told the China slate has to much iron in it. Other than this it has held up well in North Texas weather

Have you had any issues with the Tru Slate you installed rusting?
We used two greys out if China and a brick red out of Vermont 12 years ago

Unfortunately I haven’t touched any in several years and didn’t keep pictures. The first one we did completely failed, with the slate literally delaminating and filling the gutters as well as chunks blowing off and hitting cars in the driveway.GAF settled with the owner at a ridiculously low price and the owner accepted just to be done with it. Before we discovered that defect we installed a charcoal one that bled rust through it and completely changed the color. They won’t do anything to resolve those as it is considered a naturally occurring process.

GAF is definitely giving us the runaround. It’s 30-70. % rusting… they are willing to repair, but I can’t get a roofer to give a repair bid? They keep telling me it is not repairable

Our Tru Slate was from China and it’s a mess. The rust is unbelievable

I hope you stayed away from Tru Slate. We have had it for 8 years and it’s all rusting

We have installed a couple dozen Tru Slate roofs over the years. The old ones are terrible. Certain colors crumble and completely fall apart. Since they started limiting the available colors to what they can get in North America it has gotten much better. I stopped installing it when it started to fail and had to be begged to put one on last year for a customer. It is holding up well with the NA slate. Have you had a roofer pull some slate to see what type of fastener was used? Was it stainless steel or copper? Thats proper install but if they did not use those you could have an issue from the fasteners coming through. Where are you located?

I must be REALLY lucky. I installed TruSlate back in 2005 before it was purchased by GAF. All of my slates are from China. The roof looks fabulous 15 years later. We have never lost a shingle, and people ask me about the roof all of the time. It’s stunningly beautiful. The rest of our block has replaced roofs at least once, and many twice, due to hail storms over the last 15 years.

I have read some of these comments. Number one, slate is slate. China slate is like slate anywhere else. It’s rock. Rock doesn’t know what country it is in.

Someone said it’s “delaminating” and falling into the gutters. Slate just does that! It’s very tiny pieces - they are not jeopardizing the integrity of the slate tile in any way. That’s just slate - shavings come off, especially after a hail storm. But nothing measurable.

Rock does not rust. Neither does stainless steel. I believe the hooks are stainless IIRC. Granted, I live in a very dry climate - less than 20 inches of rain per year - so that could be helping me out.

I absolutely love my TruSlate roof, and I would do it all again. Sorry to spoil all of the boo-birding.

Sorry to be blunt but that is a ridiculous statement that “rock is rock”. There is shitty slate and exceptional slate and most Chinese slate is garbage, while Spanish and Vermont are exceptional. Anyone who does slate regularly will confirm. Congratulations on your 15 year slate but report back in 50-70 years. Waiting for a true slater, I am not, like MPA to weigh in.


And by the way, that was me talking about the slate delaminating and falling into the gutters. It is also damaging vehicles below. Is that normal? GAF admitted it was defective but weaseled out of most of the appropriate settlement. I was also involved in another $250,000 job where true Chinese slate failed and looked liked delaminating plywood. Pretty sure that’s not normal, but you’re right that the rock didn’t know what country it was from. How do you think the homeowner did on that one with a “warranty “ from a quarry in China?

All I know is that it has outlasted everything in my neighborhood. Whether it goes 50-70 more years I don’t know. This isn’t a genuine slate roof, obviously. The slates cover the roof - plastic.

We park cars outside all of the time, and we haven’t noticed any damage from slate chips.

There’s really no need to get nasty and use profanity. I was just reporting my results. Yours may vary. Good day.

Using profanity directed towards Chinese slate offended you? Sorry about that. Just letting you know that even three tab looks good after 15 years so it’s not an accurate portrayal of a long lasting roof. The main comment I had to dispute was when you actually said rock doesn’t know what country it’s from. Do some research before you throw things like that out so you don’t look ignorant.

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Number one, since I have actually had the roof for 15 years, I am far from ignorant.

Number two, while three tab “might” look good after 15 years, I explicitly said that all of my neighbors have had their roofs replaced their roofs once, if not twice, since I’ve put my truslate on. Your reading comprehension could use some work.

Number three, saying “Chinese slate is garbage” is the height of ignorance. Good and bad slate is quarried worldwide.

Mine must be decent if it looks precisely as it did in 2005.

Number four, kiss my ass.