Troubles with getting company to fix defects

Trying to figure out? Roofer was notified of places on the roof before install. Never replaced the plywood and now is lying saying I talked to him saying I didn’t want it fixed. Roofer is lazy and a liar

Was this part of your contractual agreement? The problem is not likely with the roof but with what is under the roof. But you don’t want to hear that do you? I’m just happy it is him dealing with you and not me.

Yea. Contract says replace lumber that needs replacement. Well let’s hope you don’t lie and do a bad job or you will be dealing with a customer like me in the future.

I see three spots with dips that could easily be corrected.
2 dips that can be corrected with one new sheet of plywood.
Probably the spot you pointed out to the salesman who forgot to tell the crew.
The crew usually will not fix a spot like this without being told directly because they are looking for rotten wood only.
They are trained to replace rotten wood.
They are not trained to make judgements about the plane of the roof.
There is a dip near the top middle of the roof
Which i would have easily corrected with laying some shingles laterally between the trusses to fill in the dip.

I do notice that the wood is that brittle 3ply decking.
Feels like its going to break when you walk across it.
No fat boys allowed.
Good thing you are on 18 inch centers.


Hey roof lover. I think there is another piece of decking near the chimney sagging. Any idea what kindof price range I can expect when I get another company to fix it all those places?

I don’t lie and we certainly try not to do a bad job. Unfortunately, from time to time, I do have to deal with a Customer like you. Most contracts state replace decking that is damaged, rotten or delaminated. That is standard. Not sure that is your problem. You said you and the Contractor specifically discussed these dips. It does not sound like that was specifically called out on your scope of work.

It may very well be you’re dealing with a mediocre or bad Contractor. There are plenty of them out there. It may also be that you failed to get a detailed scope of work to include this additional work.

I would recommend you HIRE/PAY the most reputable contractor you can find in the area to come out and inspect your roof, sheathing and framing. Show them your contract and scope of work, ask them their professional opinion on whether or not this additional work should have been done as part of that contract. Had you shown me these problems upfront, I would have recommended a complete replacement of the decking to insure that it was covered. And quoted the same. Then seen if you wanted to spend the extra $2,000 plus to fix the problem. If you did, fine, I’d do the work. If not, I’d walk because I would anticipate problems after the fact.


1981 in my area is likely 3/8 plywood, we would have most likely recommended a full redeck.

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That plywood wouldn’t be caused by a sagging rafter would it? If it was a rafter sagging it would be the whole area wouldn’t it?

You can tell if your rafters are bowed or sagging by checking them from the bottom with a straight edge in the attic. Run the straight edge perpendicular with the rafters and see what is looks like.

I always walk the roof if possible. Notch a piece of rake drip and peel it up to determine deck type/dimension. The sagging 4X4 could be 3 ply laid parallel to the rafters. 1/2 is minimal deck. There are several loose butt joints telegraphing, this is why all tear offs get re-nailed deck. I’d be ashamed to request final payment if the deck problems were discussed and written in the contract.

How hard would this to be fixed? He’s coming out tomorrow and I know we are not going to see eye to eye

Not a simple fix, shingles will have to be removed / re-installed. Prepare to have smoke blown in places you don’t want.

It’s pretty obvious with that pic. Would I have a chance filing a claim with the bond when the company argues with me?

I’m not a lawyer, but have done repairs and been paid by the county bond the contractor posted. have good contractor quote you a repair in writing. Authentic’s post above is the way to go………