Troubles with getting company to fix defects

Contractor trying to say I have a structural issue and it’s not bad plywood. I’m thinking about taking them to court bc they won’t call me back and tell me who holds the bond so I can make a claim against it.

Clear as mud.

What is your beef?

What’s clear as mud?
I want them to come out and fix this shoddy install.

Did they install the decking? Its clearly a small sheet of plywood telegraphing through the shingles not a “structural issue”. Sometimes things like this show up even if the plywood isn’t necessarily “bad”.

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Nope they didn’t install decking but it’s the same spot that I told them before they starting installing it. Now they are lying to the bbb saying it’s structural and I didn’t want it replaced. What about all those other places on my roof?

I’m not looking at this photo with the best resolution but looks to me like the roof plane wasn’t 100% level (not uncommon at all). Most likely cause is some trusses having more of a crown than others. Its not really a simple (or cheap) thing to correct. Definatly not something that gets addressed on 99% of roof jobs. Is this something that is only visible at a certain time of the day when the sun hits it just right?


Yea. Only noticeable when the sun hits it just right. Other roof they replaced didn’t look like this at all except for some plywood issues

If you look at many houses at just the right time you can see similar things. This is one of those issues that no one ever notices until they get their roof replaced. How old is your house?

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Built in 1981. You think maybe some of those places are from bad install?

No, from those pics i don’t see anything that sticks out to me as a “bad install”. I guess they could have swapped out the small sheet telegraphing through if you really brought it to their attention beforehand otherwise I don’t think you have much of a case.

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You can hire someone to remove a few shingles where the humps are and see if there is anything else causing them like wrinkled underlayment (which i find highly unlikely) but if not there its the issue i said the not perfectly flat plane.

It looks like old plywood sagging between rafters, were you given an option to install new decking?

Thanks island. I might do that. Yes axiom. I asked them to fix that certain sheet and others if found. It’s even in the contract

I was thinking about the possibility of sagging plywood also until i saw that the rafters are on 16" centers.

And that’s the reason I dont trust this install or the quality of plywood under the new shingles. They are saying it’s too far spaced apart and it’s going to cause the sagging. Plus I found this in the attic

I want a completr reinstall with new crew

Is the plywood wet or just stained? Does it feel solid to the touch. I see nothing that make me think you deserve a whole new install.

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Looks like they shingled over obviously bad wood.

Thats what I’m thinking. They need to come out and pull all those spots up and check the plywood and re shingle it

That spot might be fine. Sometimes plywood can look shitty and have no issues.
If you ask them to replacethat spot thats not unreasonable,but asking for a total replacement is unreasonable.

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I’m trying to figure out how the roofer can be blamed for what you’re showing. I can’t. Sounds like you were expecting the roofer to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

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