Trouble with iko shingles

I am homeowner and got into trouble with iko shingles. The roofing sub that installed them 4 years ago did not nail them right on the white line shingles have, some nails are half or quarter of the inch away. Every strong wind a few shingles get blown away. Ceiling gets stained.

Sub said it is bad shingles.

I looked at website and call their primary installer in the area (one of two within 20 miles). He called back and said he does not install IKO anymore because of getting into trouble with those shingles.

Any ideas what to do besides redoing the whole roof (no Iko shingles this time)?

I am worry that with real strong wind not only the area which is exposed to the typical wind (and lost shingles so far), but the whole roof would fly away.

Iko warranty is a major hassle: I need to send them 2 full shingles and a bunch of pictures, but usually a shingle gets broken when it gets flown away. Why not just stop by my roof and see the miserable state it is in?

And I know what they would tell me: nailing is not on the line …

What a mess! Any ideas for help?

there’s a big shocker!!

you already guessed what you need to do :?

Improper nailing of the shingles is not and should not be a warranty item that any manufacturer should be responsible for.

What was the length of the workmanship, or lack of workmanship warranty from the original roofing contractor.

Why haven’t you contacted that contractor yet?

So, you know it is not a warranty problem from IKO, regardless if the majority opinion thinks that their product is inferior, but you want them to come out for free and do the proper work required to remove shingles and take photos and I would also imagine, sketch an accurate scaled diagram of the home?


They allow a certain fee for you to pay a contractor to remove and replace the 2 shingles from each warranty affected side, so do it, if you feel the reason the shingles are blowing off are due to a manufacturing defect.


If you need help with this we work in the Hyannis area quite a bit. 508-896-1860


I was blaming sub too, until I called IKO recommended installer from IKO web site who told me he quit installing IKO shingles.

Ok, with perfect nailing shingles might be holding better, but other shingles manufacturers do no require millimeter precision for warranty (I hope).

Also IKO asks for sales receipt, but I do not have it, general contractor might have, but he is not responding to my requests.

im not a big fan of demensional shingles for this very reason.
its a 2 peace shingle that needs to have the nails peirce both peaces which means you have to shoot the nails rite in the line. not very easy when your flying along with a nail gun. if they would make the back peace a little taller to give you a couple of inches to put nail in it would help.
for now it is what it is.

i tell guys that work for me all the time that i would rather have some low exsposed nails on a demensional roof, than have it nailed to high.

a low nail is easy to fix,
a blown off section is not.


Iko shingles just arent that good. I dont care what anyone says. Im sure the contractor not hiting the nail line doesnt help much but im still not a fan of them. Our local supply company is really starting to try to push these out the door and they are going to the contractors who are trying to save a few dollars on shingles. Thats fine with me, more work in the future.

It is all in the installation… If the shingles are not properly nailed , they will not seal properly , and will blow off no matter what brand they are! 3 tabs have les tolerance to wind than a dimensional, and they have a lot less area to nail between the tar seal and the top of the key… once you geet a feel for the warrenty line you can really put em on, I tell every one Quality is all that matters, and speed will come…Keep on nailing the line, and stop highnailing just to get an extra square a day on,lol.

If 3-tabs have less tolerance to wind why is it that a XT30 carries a 80 mph wind warranty and a Landmark 30 is “only” 70 mph.
Can you explain that one?

Compared to an architectural, a 3-tab has a rather large nailing area, over an inch…

Also, Landmarks have an extra large nailing area that is roughly 1 1/2", that is what the “cheater” line is for, inexperienced, sloppy installers…

Are you lying or just misinformed?

The fact is, 3-tabs are perfectly good shingles.
They hold up to weather and wind very well.
When a 3-tab “blows off” it is usually just the tabs, leaving the upper portion of the shingle in place protecting your home.
When an architectural blows off the whole shingle goes, and it frequently takes off a few above it also.

I like many contractors prefer architecturals over 3-tabs, I think they look much better and are easier to install, generally.
Misinformed contractors say that all 3-tabs are junk.
Well they don’t know what they are talking about.
The truth is that they just don’t like to install them, most likely because they don’t know how to do it right…

Some people like the “classic” look of 3-tabs, this is a rare customer but they are out there.

EH EM sorry to set you off Axiom ,I stated that the shingles that blow off are not installed properly! Any shingle that is not properly nailed will most likely NOT SEAL, and BLOW OFF! I have not had such a problem, and it is because of the simple fact of installing the shingles as required by the manufacturer… if I am blasting on a roof, and miss the line with a nail or 2 , I ALWAYS, ALWAYS,ALWAYS,put another where it should be…THAT IS WHY I HAVE NOT HAD A CALLBACK SINCE THE BEGING ! I don’t have a swallen head either, I just don’t take the easy way out, when it comes to a job that I am being paid to do…That is why some people choose to do the work themselves…cause they here that their neighbor had the best in the area do the roof and still had a problem…YOU COMPANY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR WORST WORKER! I also work alone, so I know every loose sheathing nail was pulled and the entire deck is renailed , and that every shingle was installed, after it was glanced at for defect or damages and installed with the proper amount of nails placed properly, so I never have to worry when it rains or it is very windy…I sleep good at night even if I am in the middle of a nasty tear off that I had to tarp for the night…

While nail placement is of paramount importance regarding blow offs, proper nailing has very little if anything to do with the shingles sealing down…

Why does a XT30 carry a 80 mph wind warranty while a Landmark 30 only has 70?