Hello roofing pros. I’m a diy homeowner who is currently in the process of reroofing my house.
I was recommended TRI−BUILT S/A HT TU UNDERLAYMENT by Allied Building Products representative. They delivered it on the roof as agreed and I proceeded to tear-off the old shingles and felt. The rep was aware of my timeline and the extended delay in getting my metal roof materials due to a back log associated with this seasons hurricane demands on the roofing supply. Nonetheless I noticed while applying the peel and stick that is was not adhering. The product data sheet indicates it can be applied down to 40f. Well that day here in Florida it was in the 60s and plenty of peeling but very little sticking. Of course there was a storm forecasted in the next few days with high winds and heavy rains so you imagine my conundrum. I resorted to using simplex nails to keep in down. While that may not be ideal I need to discern whether I am going to remove them as I install my new roof (24 gauge) standing seam. I’m concerned about print-through and have heard mixed opinions regarding this happening. What advice can you good folks recommend? Should I pull them and seal the holes (hundreds) or put the metal down and call it a day? Also has anyone else had issues with peel and stick not sticking in 60 degree weather? The roof surface was well prepared prior to apply the underlayment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :+1:
Thanks in advance.


What type of deck do you have?This from thier website.


Do not apply directly onto wood planks. Cover surface with plywood or OSB panels prior to the membrane application. It is not recommended to use an elastomeric bitumen membrane directly on softwood boards or on flexible polyvinl chloride. Do not apply onto shingles or other roof coverings."


Hi Spinner. It is plywood decking.


Personally, I would break off the plastic caps and make sure the nails is driven 100% flush into the plywood deck as I was laying metal roof sheets. If you don’t wanna go to the effort of doing that I do highly doubt you would have any issue just going over them as is. I wouldn’t recommend pulling the nails and creating holes though.


Normally we use loose roofers driven flush on underlayment with metal going on top to prevent the possibility of fasteners showing. If you used real steel simplex imo they will defiantly show if you walk in the panels.


Thanks great ideas I didn’t even think about pulling the caps. That’s what I’ll do. Time to get at it. Metal arrives Monday. Thanks again!