Transition from roof to valley


Haha, thanks, RooferOhio. I am a pharmacist. Don’t ask me my I got into this project. I seem to gravitate towards construction projects when I need a break from healthcare field. Hence, too many questions and seem to seek too many specifics - since medicine is so specific in some circumstances, I apply same principles to the roofing. When you start measuring things out in millimeters on rough framing projects, I realize I’d never make it in construction fields because I’d never meet my timelines.


You Just gave me a good laugh, you are doing great. You remind me when I went from high end finish carpentry back into roofing, I had to force myself to forget alot. Just don’t start weighing the nails out.

I know all too well about needed a break from what you normally do. My mom wants a gutter for christmas and my sister wants chimney flashing, can’t they ask for something normal that doesn’t involve roofing.