Too much overhang? Trimming ok?

I’m trying to understand if my new roof has been installed correctly. The shingles are Owens Corning TrueDefinition Duration. The house is in GA. I thought that the package of shingles and the guide I found on the OC web site says 1/4-3/4 inch overhang. I was looking because I thought the overhang looked much longer than what I remembered the old roof having. Here is an example in one spot where it sticks out about 1-1/2 past the new drip edge flashing:

Being a new user I can only add one image to the post so if it will let me, I’ll add more details and context in a reply to myself.

Thanks so much for any education you can impart.

If you follow the slope up to the right from from the measuring tape in the first photo you’ll find this:

I think that overhang at the far right is a good bit more but it is out of reach from a step stool and I don’t do ladders so I couldn’t measure it. Some of the pics are from a camera on a pole.

This is a zoomed out photo of that area to give context. The section in the first two photos is that roof on the left.

Are these areas and the section by the gutters (not shown) the places where OC means 1/4-3/4 inch? Is there a problem with them sticking out that far? And if it is problem sticking out so far, do they just need to be trimmed back? Is it ok to trim shingles at the bottom part of the slope (like right above the gutter) or should they have been installed in the correct position to start with?

On the other edge of the roof on that little chimney bump out, should there be some sort of kickout flashing near the bottom left corner here or is the step flashing that they hopefully used sufficient?

One more pic after this one. Sorry for so many questions and so many pictures, but I doubt my description really conveys the question very well without the pictures.

last one.

It is normal for the drip edge flashing to be open like this on the uphill end? Won’t that just channel water underneath it? Or is that ok because it will then just run out as long as the bottom edge never gets painted shut?

Again thanks so much in advance for any wisdom from those who actually know about roofs (not me).


might sag lil suggest to call the mback and trim it to 1/2.drip edge is kinda sloppy,roofah shoulda been check out with hammer for all bumps,trim nails to make sure it lays flat and corners at least touch each other for looks.yours has some gap.
on average customers wouldnt see this but you’re rare breed of nitpicker so yeah,it shouldve done better

You are not a nit picker and I always want customers like you that can see problems and appreciate good work; IF you didn’t accept the lowest bid and then expect quality work.

Now that we have that behind us, that is a mess. Overhang will sag, shingles are riding up on wall flashing, that corner where eave and gable come together I don’t even know what to say about that, kick out flashing missing, and that is just what we can see. Terrible workmanship.


If this is just cosmetic then I’m fine letting it go. I just want to be sure that this is just cosmetic and I won’t be dealing with water issues down the road. Been there, done that with some poorly done work in the past and it was expensive and unpleasant to get it corrected. But I don’t know enough about roofs to know the difference between cosmetic (not my priority) and function (big priority). I probably wouldn’t have been looking that closely if they hadn’t left a huge mess everywhere. When the cleanup was that sloppy I had to wonder if the work was sloppy too. I’ve filled a soup can with nails after their cleanup and have only covered approximately 10 feet of the perimeter of the house (!) in my cleanup after their cleanup. Found some up to 45 feet from the house in the yard too just by taking a walk to the garden. I’d be amazed if they had managed to get every single one because that seems impossible but when I can pick up that many without taking more than a few steps it feels like they didn’t even try.

We got a couple of bids that were on par with each other. They were all close enough to the same that it was almost a coin toss in picking a company.

I should add that the vast majority of the roof is way too high for me to look at unless I’m 60 feet away.

my bad.last pic is fuckin terrible ,call back and request to redo this apron to lay flush next to wall,wtf is that
and cleanup is last impression on jobs,its a guess is your house was done by flying dutchman crew from wannabe contractor with zero experience in actual roofing who wasnt aware of their skills and putting them on such big house with bunch of details to be exposed for homeowner to see everyday.


I agree with Asus. Just cosmetic is not a good way to look at it. If a roofer can’t even make his work or cleanup presentable it is highly likely that the important and functional details are not done properly. When I do a roof inspection the first thing I look for is cosmetic details; is the ridge/courses straight, how do the pipe cuts look, etc. These details are not relevant in an inspection but they tell me that the roofer didn’t value his workmanship and more important details like proper nailing are probably bad also.