To Tie or Not to Tie

Help, I need to build a roof over my existing deck, because my wife,.(Cause of many projects that I get into over my head :stuck_out_tongue: ), has to have a screened in porch. I either need tie into the existing roof or go lower than it, because there are windows that prevent me going above it. I can’t change the pitch of the roof, because it would be less than a 3:12 and that doesn’t pass the IBC. I have been told that tying into the existing roof will leak and look like crap because you will see a hump in the shingles. What should I do and how should I do it. Here is the pic.

If you tie into the existing and don’t keep the same pitch it will look funky. I’d consider the less than 3/12 and use flat roof materials.

Thank you Tar Monkey! That sounds like great advice. Nice pic in the newbie posting thread…I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. You inspire me!

Extend the existing roofline over the porch ( where you are standing in the pic ).
Make into a hip roof to make the 90 degree turn.
You should be able to keep the existing roofline with no problems.

Another great suggestion and not one that would have crossed my mind! Thank you very much Axiom!

If you are precise you can make the transition from new roof to old roof lump free.

Make it leak? Only if its roofed wrong.