Timberline Mission Brown or Weathered Wood

I’m trying to decide weather to go with Mission Brown or Weathered Wood. My ranch style home is cream with dark brown shutters. (Not in love with the brown but not ready to make any changes right away) I want a non descript roof that is not too dark that will not make my style home look smaller. I like the weathered wood but I am afraid it will look too grey against the brown shutters. Any advice?

OC driftwood or Malarkey Natural Wood are good neutral colors. Why in the world would you want to use GAF? Have you researched past problems and also noted reductions in weight per square? 17 year shingle.

100% agree with tileman. Just did my first gaf timberline HD job in about a year to match existing. I swear every time I use gaf they are lighter, thinner, and half the granuals are in The gutter. I brought a shingle back and compared it to a certainteed landmark and landmark pro and the thickness is an obvious difference. The hips and starters are a joke that are like paper and the starters only have 1" of head lap.

I did research and found all shingle manufactures had issues, obviously some more than others. My concern was to hire a contractor that had an excellent reputation. You can get the best shingles out there but if your contractor is bad then your project most likely will as well. Some of my neighbors used a contractor that knocked on their door but were located 3 states away. Needless to say, they had problems. I have chosen a contractor that is local and has been in business here for over 20 years and has done numerous roofing projects in our development that I have lived in for over 25 years. He only does gaf shingles so that is why I am at this decision.

You are making a smart decision, workmanship is above all else. If the company has a good reputation and you’ve done your research and feel comfortable then you are good to go.

With regards to your initial question, I think Weathered Wood is far and away a nicer color than Mission Brown.

Weathered Wood is a greyish/brown color and goes well with creams and Browns.

Have the company bring sample boards of each and step back from the house about 20 ft or so so you can see how the shingles coordinate with your trim colors.

Thanks, I was leaning towards the weathered wood Great idea to get a few sample boards. Thanks again.

If you are really concerned and narrowed down to a specific brand and 2 colors, you can go spend 60$ and buy a bundle of each and lay them out to do a larger sample.

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You are correct that a bad contractor can screw up a job no matter how good the product is. What you may be missing is it doesn’t matter how good of a job is done on installation if it is a bad shingle it will fail. I have no agenda but from experience I see GAF lasting, on average, much less than 20 years on south facing slopes. Many very good contractors have bought in on GAF but if you hold the shingle you will see what I’m referring to.

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Good point. Those small swatches are not adequate to make a good choice.

I see your point. I do want the shingles to last because let’s face it, the shingles are not the expensive part, the labor is so I get the best investment is a quality product. My current roof is 23 years old and are just starting to show wear on the house which faces east/west. The garage is 26 years old (facing north/south) with no loose shingles at all so I’m rather satisfied with our past experience. I’m hoping for the same benefit in the new roof but it seems quality in all products today are on the decline. Don’t get me started about appliances! Thanks for your advise.

I can only speak for the area I am in, Southern Oregon. Conditions are different everywhere. We get fairly hot summers and South facing slopes burn up about 5 years faster than North facing. Your area may be more forgiving.

Just wanted to make an update. I decided to go with weathered wood and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Thanks again for your advise it was most helpful.