Timberline HDZ shingles

Hey guys. Have any on you saw the new timberline hdz shingles yet? I haven’t saw them in person yet but hear they have “the largest nailing zone on the market”. I’m really curious if its a true double thickness nailing area (like malarky) or the same shingle with just a new paint line.

About time!

Another manufacturer stepping up to the roofs needs.
Good to know.

I’d wager the granules still fall off prematurely & they’ll be the most expensive shingle in their class.

And they removed the granules from nailing area prior. Maybe they just wanted to remove more granules?


same thing,ive installed few roofs already.package look lit tho xD

There’s a GAF plant locally. Had a sales rep call and ask what I thought of their product and what to make it better. Told her to store them out of the weather because they were all saturated, thus, the granule loss. She told me they were kept dry. I told her to google US 20 and N 1100 West in Michigan City IN………. I’d pay another dollar a square for paper wrappers.


I was hoping the larger nail zone meant the bottom layer was extended, but it’s not. I feel like if you only nailed in the top of the zone, the bottom potion of the shingle would detach over time.

Figures. I was hoping GAF (and all the other manufacturers) would be adopting the large double thickness area.

The nail “target zone” for standard pitches is 1- 13/16". For mansards it’s 7/16". Lots of mud work in the details, the 100 SQ a day gunners aren’t gonna make it…

Since most of us know that GAF makes substandard material will this design change lead you to use more of their products in the future?

For me it would be no, I will continue to use GAF only when I have to.


The larger zone is pointless. It basically shows people where they can nail and still catch the top of the shingle below. I’ve seen too many laminate shingles detach prematurely because nails weren’t low enough to catch the bottom layer of the shingle.


Excellent point. My crew and I are still mostly old school and it’s hard to retrain your nail gun to move uphill. Even with larger nailing area my gun, in the rare times I use it, tends to hit the very narrow nailing area older shingles required.

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Agreed that GAF is a crap shingle. From what I have heard, it will be tough for other shingle manufacturers to adopt the wider nailing zone because of the way their machines are laid out. Malarkey only has the capability of making two rows of shingles on the same size machine that all of their competition use to make three rows. I’m not sure exactly why/how their machines are laid out but their reps have told me about this difference in their manufacturing process. We install alot of Pabco Premier but will not use it on a 3:12. We’ve been told they will work fine, as long as proper ventilation is present and we use 2-layer underlayment. We have had mixed results on the handful of 3:12 roofs we’ve put Pabco on (or anything other than malarkey). Anymore, we don’t use anything but malarkey on low slope roofs which are typically double or triple wide manufactured homes in our area. The tapered backside of their shingles allow water to run downhill instead of troughing as easily.


I don’t use the wide nailing strip, I nail in the laminate were we are supposed to.

The wide nailing strip is the manufacturers compensating for poor training.

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Malarkey arrived in our market 3-4 yrs ago and I have been using them ever since.

IMO they are better than Certainteed and I have used Certainteed for 30 yrs with absolutely no issues with Landmarks whatsoever.

I never sold the defective Certainteed lines.


Axiom, we don’t use the malarkey shingles for the wider nailing strip either… We only use them for the tapered backside. It has made a huge difference in the performance of the lower slope roofs. Obviously, some people are thinking “why don’t you simply refuse to put shingles on all 3:12 roofs”. If we did that, we would be sending a lot of people to our competitors. Almost every manufactured home in our area is built with a standard 3:12 that was originally done with 3-tab. Strip shingles work well but these customers have seen laminates on similar houses and want the same look.


We have been using Malarkey for a long time and felt very confident in them. We easily were the biggest installer of them in our area. However, change to shingles is rarely good and we can no longer use them in the summer unfortunately. They have switched the Highlander to NexGen and made it more of a modified shingle like their Vista. It is almost unusable above 80 degrees now and you can almost wad it up like a washrag. It’s great in the cold weather but slowed our production down dramatically in the heat. It also now cuts like hot ASTM #30, rolling up on the knife. A lot of people in our area are upset that yet another good shingle got “improved”. Oh yeah, it is also much lighter per square now, go figure.

I try to be off the roof before it hits 80 degrees.

Yeah but it’s 80 degrees by 9:00 here. Noise ordinance prohibits us from starting before 7:00, OSHA requires tie off on 4-12 and my roofers aren’t fast enough to make their wages in 3 hours with a leash attached.

Sounds like the old organics.