Tile repairs

Don’t see much of this material at my inspections - the repair technique looks similar I’ve seen used on slate, except for the sealant. I’d appreciate any comments from tile experts here on general condition, the existing repairs, or the general repair strategy from this point forward…

Generally, when the roof is that brittle, the repairs seem endless. Repairs are done on a ‘per tile’ basis. Only a thorough inspection will tell if the roof can be repaired, or if it should be replaced.

Oh Yeah. The caulked tiles will cause future problems in not present problems. Caulk causes slower, more devastating leaks. They don’t show as fast or heavy, but water is usually seeping the the deck causing heavy rot.

Anything with caulking on it = trash

Those metal tabs are no good either. Snow or the weight of the tile will flatten them out at some point allowing the unailed tile to drop. Like someone said above, repairs are done on a tile to tile basis. It’s very time consuming on a steep roof because you need to pull tiles and install staging to walk on. Low slope isn’t so bad. Figure anything with caulk or a metal tab will need to be swapped out. I hate caulk and tar, it makes people lazy.