Tile question, please leave an opinion

I’m looking for some options on properly closing off these hips. Majority of the roof previously has had the tile removed, underlayment replaced, and tile reinstalled. The field looks ok, but they did a terrible job with the hips. They ran a 2x6 on its side up the hip, then covered it with felt paper. The felt has deteriorated now that it is mostly non existent. My question what is the proper fix? My idea is to remove the hip tiles and install lead over the hip board and rubber mallet to form over the the field tiles.

Am I correct to thing only ways to do this the way I stated with lead or copper, or the 3rd way would be with mortar.

We always do color matched mortor. If the tiles are cut tight to the hip board all you need to do is prevent blow in.


Those clay tiles deserve mortar. Lead will never conform properly. You will probably need to walk on some cushions with those mortar buckets in hand. Clay can be pretty brittle sometimes.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys. The mortar makes more sense to me and just need to hear it from someone else. I needed a little help getting my original thought out of my head. Tha is for the help.