Tile or wood or a combo over new Dibiten flat roof


We just finished sealing a new Dibiten flat roof. It is water tight! We now want to add tile and also use wood decking - a combination to create specific spaces on a roof top outdoor living space. But what’s the best set of materials to lay on top of the Dibiten for protection, before adding mud for the tiles? Any ideas for under the wood? How should we best prepare the new rooftop surface for decking and/or tile?


what kind of tile? mud job with grout…?
how big a deck? what’s it being used for?


go with a simple wood deck.
do not screw it through roof.

tile over roofs are a bad idea.
moisture eventually get inbetween,
cant dry out, rotts roof fast.

with the wood deck the roof can dry out
after rains.