Thought I should Introduce myself

Hello all new here thought I might say hello. I been in the biz for almost 25 years now, roofed all over the USA doing mostly Storm Damage restorations and such. Live outside DC area now. Was wondering if over the years of roofing which seems a few of you guys have been doing it quite awhile, how many times have you heard.?

  1. Hello my name is Mrs. Whatever “My roof is leaking right now, has been for a day or so” yet there has been no rain for weeks?


  1. They delivered the shingles to my house and well now its raining and they didn’t cover them up should I go out there and put a tarp or something over them so they don’t get ruined?


Welcome to the forum. I sent you a message too. Nice website concept.

As far as the ludicrous comments from home owners, I have heard both. Some people just need to get educated more by us.

How about;
You can’t start the job until the home owner can get some days arranged to take off of work, so that he can be there and watch.

2 jobs ago and now the next customer, both insist on doing that. The first guy stood on the roof the entire day and just watched and at first was rejecting brand new plywood just because it had knots in it or there were sap stains on the sheathing.

Current one, the wife insisted that is what must be done.

I sure could think of a better way to spend my days off of work.


Uhm Ed I consider myself pretty damn good at roofing but I’m dumber than a box of rocks with this forum thing, where or how do I accept messages that you may have sent?

Welcome to this forum.You can check your messages at the top of main page when you log in,or when your posting a reply,look up top right hand corner of your screen.Glad to have you here. :slight_smile:

Your e-mail address from your website, if you are Steve.

I think you are more computer literate than you lead me to believe. Did you do the site design and coding for your site in Front Page?


yes I sure did it in Ed front page myself did most of the coding myself, though I am new to online forums I have been doing websites on and off for last ten years. is our local company and the other is my personal one. I’m not computer dumb just forum dumb :slight_smile: but ill get the hang of it shortly


I have heard alot of crazy things from h/o’s over the years. One grabbed a clip of hammer tacks once and asked if that was what I was going to fasten the shingles down with. He honestly thought that was what I was going to use.

There’s more but gotta go just got home 2 12 hour days back to back and another tommorrow.

Can’t wait for a day to just drive around and measure roofs.

Thanks all for the welcome but its like late here and I must sleep. will be here tomorrow night. ED check your messages Bud. your normal email wouldnt work so I used email in the forum

Night people


Similar to my Albert’s site. Cool.

Nice to see some people still have manners, I think you just dated yourself, lol.

Welcome! Don’t touch my stuff…

Welcome aboard OHD!


Welcome. We have a range of people here and its a good time. You will get the hang of it with this forum its pretty basic compaired to others. Have any questions drop me a line and i will help you out.

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I saw his site too Tinner.

I think it is a wonderful idea and falls very much in line with RoofDudes question on the NRG Forum this morning asking about if it is helpful to the roofing industry to respond to DIY questions from home owners.