This smart vent intake installation is too high?

We always use GAF Intake pro and you cant see it because get hide behind gutters!



With Ohio’s winter season I prefer that style of vent to a good amount inside the warm wall. Those filters get pretty dirty/clogged in a short time span. Down in the gutter I’ve seen the filter clogged enough I didn’t think it was producing any air flow. It takes a willing customer, but the best solution is to build a soffits. A new roof presents a great opportunity to correct the homes structure.

Where are you located at?

Yes soffit will be better soluttion.
Most home owners respond is my house is 60 years old ans never have an issue why I will need that crap :smiley::smile:

I’m in Delaware

Because their 60 year old house, many times, will get modernized with new windows, insulation, weather stripping etc. Old drafty houses don’t need ventilation, modern ‘tight’ houses do. Even if the current owners haven’t made upgrades maybe the next one will and that under vented house all of a sudden starts developing problems.

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