This site's management / where I've been

I use FireFox / Mozilla as my primary browser for this site & Opera as a backup; I’m on Internet Exploder for the moment.

I can’t get logged in!! I’ve sent PM’s to the site admin as well as Email, but no response & no luck with my login issues. I’m sure I am not the only one.

I would contribute more, but this glitch has been a major headache.

& In other news, I broke my 4th rib & Clavicle (both R side) by getting dumped off one of my horses this past Thursday. I won’t be going up a ladder anytime in the next 4 weeks. My back is killin’ me & I can only sleep about 4 hours @ a time (about a 6:12 propped with pillows).


Welcome back, I was wonderin’ what happened to you. :smiley:

Did you try to clear your cookies?
I use Firefox as well, I had a problem a few months ago, clearing my cookies solved the problem.

Computerized snack food was (is) not the issue.

In the meantime, I have done my 1st metal roof job; Double Lock, Standing Seam. 19 Squares.

Glad to hear your alive ranch. Was wondering what happened. I had a problem logging in awhile ago, but i cleaned all internet temp files and i was back in. As far as reaching someone here i never got a response either.

I had a problem logging in at the beginning of they year and the administrator contacted me back by the next day and cleared up the problem, but I went for months without being able to access this site from my home computer.

I was intending on sending you an e-mail to see if you were okay.

I hope you feel better, sooner than later.