This guy has BALLS?


I’m up doing a roof repair on a home and another company comes by why I’m working says he got a request yesterday from the home owner on wanting a new roof and starts trying to sell a guy a new roof. No I don’t install new roofs but he doesn’t know that. I told the guy he has balls to be doing this why I’m working. Anyway I was just wondering if something like this ever happen to you guys.


There is always some who would do anything without fear


yes ofcourse, there are guys like that


I’ve had the same customer call 2 company’s on the same day to tarp a roof. I beat the other guy there by 5 minute and got a 15k job out of it.


Don’t confuse rudeness and unprofessional behavior with balls.


I personally don’t see the problem. You were called there to fix the roof. The other guy was called there to give an estimate to replace the roof. What does it matter if you are fixing it or not? The guy was called and he came. Should he just get back in his vehicle and go back and waste the time and gas he put into driving out to the customers house when he was asked to drive there?


Iceman have provided wise insight. Customers sometimes create situations and, for sure, the early bird ALWAYS gets the worm.


ugh that is either “You have” or “has” lol


You must be some kind of snowflake roofer. You should stand on your workmanship quality, your reputation and your cost saving price to get the job. And not resent another roofer giving a bid. We are all brothers in the workplace. Especally since the homeowner and you know you are not in the position to give a bid. (i do not do new roofs ) as you said. Grow up brother, always deliver more than expected to your customer and you will do fine.


Rudness ? Rude would be not giving an estimate to a customer after making an appointment
because someone was making a repair. That would also be totally unprofessional. Are you guys just young and dumb?


No, not young and not dumb. Thanks for your input though regardless of how worthless.