Thin Strip Cut on Architectural Shingles


My roofer recently installed GAF HD Timberline shingles on my roof.
I see random thin strip cuts like this all over my roof. In a few places the strip of shingle has already weakened and broken off. Is the way the roofer cut these shingles a normal or accepted roofing practice? Is it something I should even worry about as far as likelihood of water penetration?



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That’s normal and not caused by the roofer. Some shingles just end with a skinny double layler area. The roofer did not cut those shingles.


Yes , cut that way from the factory.

By the way, it is not tiny shingles you are looking at.
It is just the double laminate top layer part of the shingle for aesthetics and perceived dimension.


Thanks for the information guys. I appreciate it!