The perfect roof estimate


Had to share this…wish ALL claims looked like this one!


If only… try supplementing for “laminated starter” it’s a legitimate charge and about 3x as much in my area.


The renailing of the decking is what got me!


That is awesome! What carrier? And in what part of the country? I’ve seen the re-nailing of the sheathing, but only in certain parts of the country. This was obviously a bad ass multi-million dollar home too. Was this their initial estimate, or did it take some time to get approved through supplement?

Thank you


Dallas, Texas. We don’t see that here, EVER! That was the original estimate sad to say!


Suppqueen, which carrier was it? When I’ve seen it, it’s been in an area where the building department states it must be re-nailed if… and it’s an older house. Some places make you re-deck the entire house with plywood now if there is shiplap. Those are good jobs…


Are the cap shingles presently on the roof cut 3 tab or specialty cap shingles? They paid for cut 3 tab. That does look like a relatively fine scope, well done.