The Exact Feeling You Had When You Sold Your First Roof!


Please describe the exact emotional feeling that you felt in your body when you were able to sell that first complete residential roofing job? How did your esteem feel at that exacting moment in time and what did you feel like doing at that moment?


when I sold my first job. It was a proud moment for me felt like this going into business was the right thing to do.What I wanted to do was the job I was excited.


The first emotion I felt when I sold my first job was excitement.

The next emotion was nervousness, being 100% responsible for every thing weighed heavily on me on the first job.

The third emotion I felt during the job was terror, nothing went according to plan.

The forth emotion I felt was relief once all the bugs were ironed out, things were moving along smoothly and the completion of the job was in sight.

The final emotion was a strong scene of accomplishment. I also had a new found respect for the roofing company owners I had worked for in the past, it wasn’t as easy as it looked.


4)Uh Oh!!! I had not enough experience…Turned out to be 3 layers(3 tabs over interlocks over cedar shakes on strips,lol…The owner was ok with paying me for the massive mistake in quote.)The roof was 12/12 and I only had 1 helper…It was my friends relative’s house and he was less experienced than me,but I had more nerve than him…I got 5 more jobs on that street from that 1…Snow balled from there I was 17yrs old then.
At 40 now I still get all the same emotions except overwhelmed,lol…I also feel good when I get the job for the fact that there are allot of hacks in my area,so It feels good to know that 1 less consumer is getting screwed…


all of the above. Now when i sell a roof im just like ok


My first thought was, you want whaaaat?

OK, you want us to do the work?

Second thought, how much did I leave on the table?


…Like the 1st time I had sex.

With someone other than myself.