The contractor wants my deductible

So the contractor didn’t tell me how much the roofs was going to cost. He agreed whatever I get from the insurance company he will do it for that. On the contract I signed said he got the check the insurance company sent me. No extra money. I told them I’m on a set budget and have no money. Which is 100% true im so broke. The insurance company took out the deductible which was 1000 for each roof. After the roofers was done he said I owed them extra $2000 for the deductible. It wasn’t even on the contract I signed. What do I do. I need help. I’m in ohio is this legal. I’m so confused and upset. I have nothing already.

You thought you were getting a totally free roof?
You thought you didnt have to pay the deductible??
You didnt know about your deductible?
The amount you are obligated to pay…
Are you serious?

What, are you 16 or something?


Every roof I have gotten the insurance company took out the deductible. The replacement of the roof was either the same price after the deductible or cheaper. I didn’t know the contractor was charging more than the check that I received he told me that what I was given was enough. Now after signing the paperwork and paying him. He is saying I owe him the deductible I paid the insurance company.

You’ve been working with flakes. Every roof you’ve gotten? How many insurance claims have you filed?

Sorry I didn’t read closely enough. You paid your deductible to the insurance company?

Yes I paid my insurance company my deductible and I’ve had 3 claims in the past. I have never had this happen before.

Some states require a contract be clear on the price to be legal. I would never, never start a project without a scope of work and a cost listed and the terms of payment. I would have explained your insurance claim to you. Terms are listed clearly on the written contract. Your insurance policy lays out your portion of responsibility after a claim. You are legally bound to pay your deductible of an insured loss. As much of a loser as your roofer is, you learned a hard, $2k lesson. Ask for a payment plan. Read your policy. Your deductible is paid to the contractor.