The bidding wars

bid a job the the other day,2 layer tear-off on 1 inch decking with half inch with detatched garage 7/12 pitch,debris has to hit ground due to no access.install new 7/16 osb, drip edge,15 felt paper,30 year owens corning oakridge shingle,take down 1 brick chimmney and flash and counter flash another one, install 8 roof vents 39 sqs bid was 10,569 and h.o says i,m to high.she compliamented me and said i was very informative,so i guess now it,s wait and see.very sad part is she owns an apt complex and wants them re-roofed,roughly around 425sqs,going to have to cruch some numbers big-time

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Sounds like a rough market in your area.

Gonna make it up in volume?

good luck

$271 a square as described. 2 layer, re-deck 7/12 with knocking down and re-flashing a chimney with laminates?

I’d be over $271 a square for that with only one layer to tear off and no re-decking. In my area 7/12 one layer tear offs average $325-400+ per square.

If there was in fact a lower bid this may be a good one to walk away from instead of lowering your prices. If you want to beat yourself up even more you can lower the bid and try to get the other squares but it will cut deeply into profit. Some home owners lie to try to get a good deal. Did the other bidder know that it needs to be re-decked and it has two layers of shingles? You need to find out if you’re going to compete against their numbers.

If you’re running 100% legal with workmans comp and roofing liability insurance those numbers would be tough to work with.

Those numbers would be tough as a cash side job.

If those numbers are in Texas dollars they may even be on the low side!

Jobs like you described even if charged to a home owner out of pocket would be an easy $500 per square.

Heck insurance in my area is paying $170 a square just to re-deck.

I mean if your family is starving and the mortgage payment past due you have no other choice. If you had one worker who was working for really cheap and you worked the whole time you could make some money. One would think you could make better money and less headaches with the new stuff.

Consider the liability associated with a job like this? Just hauling all the shingles out by hand alone is no small feat. How far from the house is the dumpster going? Are you also planning to load the roof by means of the ladder?

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thats what i,hm talking about guys. it,sa dog eat dog world here right my price which is very low i can still make a small profit.but what upsets me is people want something for nothing.i,hm proud at the quietly of work that i perform.what really boils my blood is thrier first question do you have insurance. and later on see someone out there that you taught and no insurance ,and bet your a-- he won,ta be in business long.don,ta these people care about protecting their interest or just saving a few bucks.

Well, fine. If you really want to put the fly by nights out of business then call them on it. If the guys you lose the job to are not a legitimate company than either call the local building dept and/or OSHA and sit across the street and laugh. Kinda dirty pool but it will be more productive than coming here and crying. Sorry things are tough in your area but…

post my last entry in the wrong place guys sry.i swear i,m a better roofer tnan a puter well lol

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