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Hi, I live in Texas Dallas county. I filed a hail damage claim with Allstate august 2020. I tried using two companies friends recommended. And after meeting and long discussion I signed a contract and provided them the first estimate the insurance company paid, when said company submitted a supplemental I looked over the new payment line items. Red flag. $700 Allstate paid for an emergency tarp, adjuster says to prevent further damage. This company has never stepped foot on my roof, much less informed me of any emergency, and most definitely no tarp. So I began to question the integrity of the company. After meeting the general manager and hearing him tell me they would get the job done. I actually was berated by the general manager for asking why my storm door was removed not reinstalled. They said they never discussed the door. The “extra work” Remove, replace and caulk and paint all wood trim; replaced only bad sections. They took my old door off and left it in my yard, I told the crew the first day they showed up I would pay for a new storm door, they agreed and even picked it up, only to deliver it to my living room in box. Refused to install and said they would take $50 off the original price and for me to hire someone. The contract explicitly stated I could not hire any other company to do any of the work. I went to owner of company and felt he would take care of the problem, sending one employee who by himself installed the door that took two days. After the door issue I was shocked when the owner called ready to go over the supplemental to begin the roof portion. Before we began I asked about the $700 emergency tarp, he said he didn’t know why the adjuster in his office asked for this. As a senior citizen, single female I have learned the hard way to stand up for myself. So his statement recorded, was well that will be credited back to you. How am I an honest person supposed to not see that a fraudulent. I have called the Texas insurance commission office consumer protection 4 times now, all recorded. Each time I get referred to fraud department who looks at insurance companies only or referred to the state of Texas attorneys general. I have no intention of claiming anything other than replacement of my roof; no more no less. After getting no where with my local agent but more frustrating information. They said as of a year ago they cannot recommend any contractor to do the work, no list, nothing but angies list and google. Really. Now I get a phone call from Code Blue, offering assistance in finding contractors. Also both calls to code Blue Are recorded. I asked a lot of questions about who they were and what they do. I was told they are hired by insurance companies to provide service to me the homeowner to mitigate water restoration. I speak over 45 minutes and get a roofing contractor who said we can send someone tomorrow at 1 for a quote. I agree to meet with his rep. After researching the company he represented no info under BBB. So I searched code blue, bingo! Now I find out that code blue admits they have already hired the company and when I view the website, it is a 3rd party administrator of insurance claims, specifically geared to contractors. I need help. The state of Texas does not license any roofing contractor. How as a home owner and policy holder am I to trust anything this rep might say. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get information and doing my research. I’m just wanting honesty, fairness and a job done and guaranteed. Anyone who can help is greatly appreciated. As of today the contract has been nullified and so I need a contractor I can trust. Thanks so very much.

Paragraph breaks are your friend. Sorry for your problems. Did you have a specific question or need?

Just info if you have any suggestions or recommendations. Sorry about the paragraph issue. I just trying to be informed and finding it quite difficult here in Texas. But just reading I may want a new insurance company after this disaster!


I think you’re asking how to find a competent and reputable contractor. I know several reliable and ethical contractors in Texas. If you’ll list your city, I’ll be happy to provide you with a recommendation. Or better yet, email me at mtcraney@gmail.com

Other alternatives would be to ask neighbors or friends, who had roof replacements, for recommendations.

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Sears Home improvement was a piece of shit roofing option and I’ll flag this after informing everyone of that. Be careful what you brag about.


Don’t just make a blanket statement. Tell me who and where. I have never experienced a roof job with an issue that was not rectified. When we have an independent 3rd party inspection to certify the roof for Owen-Corning it must meet their standards. Tell me who and where and when and give me the customer contact…

So far all I see is the OLD Sears with issues. That may be true. They were in bankruptcy at the time. We (Transform Home Improvements) only got separated from Sears in late 2019. Since then we are a much different company. We hold all of our staff to a higher standard. We do not accept inferior work. We seek 100 % customer satisfaction. In Houston Texas we do very well. If you have a current issue let me know. I will get it fixed.


Wait, late 2019? That was a looong time ago. How could I have such a harsh judgment without first seeing what they have done differently in the last 10 months.

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Tell who when and where


If you mean in the last 10 months that’s ridiculous. It is also ridiculous to think I would provide homeowner information without their permission from years past. The “Old” Sears used local bottom feeders to do their work while disparaging all the “Chuck in the truck” local companies.


I don’t think u have any info. I think you made it up.

So prove it or be quiet.


Did you see the reviews that Dark Thirty provided?Everyone who has been around areas that Sears provided roof services knew how horrible they were. You yourself made the excuse about the “old” Sears. What roofer would provide personal info about a homeowner who had been cheated 10 years ago? You are truly a dipshit now go back to your ill advised spamming and maybe have a better strategy next time ‘Bill’.


You know all this argument just shows how this whole issue is just sad, for those of us homeowners that just want good and honest work.

If the salesman sings, dances, and gets pushy, kick em to the road. You have to pay him, too!

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And if you smell cologne think twice

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If you have signed a contract already you should have it looked over by an attorney to make sure there would be no penalties for breaking that contract. Most roofing companies in Texas have a clause in their contracts that state if you choose another company to perform the work then you still owe them a hefty percentage of what their contract was for. First figure out how to get out of their contract before you look for another roofing company. When you get out of their contract safely then email me and I can give you some reputable options in the Dallas area. info@fpadjusters.com

Hi Splash,

We are local in Dallas area. If you are totally out of contract with another company, we can help you with the claim. However, when the storm passed your area, not just your roof got damaged. Therefore, we have to look for all the damages cause by the storm all around the property which includes your fence, siding, patio, windows, air conditioner unit, A/C window unit, doors, outdoor furniture etc. Also, there are two ways to handle it.

  1. Cash deal: you want us to replace the roof. We can just only inspect your roof, give you an estimate for what need to be done. However, just like any other construction work, you will never know what exactly behind the wall until you open it. We will also let you know what kind of damages exposure when we demo the roof. When you agree with it, we will schedule a day to work on your roof. Then we will hand you the invoice and collect the payment on the same day we finish. Then you can deal with the insurance to collect the payment from them.

  2. Insurance deal: You will authorize us to work directly with insurance for negotiating on scope of works. For this, we will have to look for all of the damages relative to the storm or any other natural disaster. Also, look through the insurance estimate and make sure they will not miss any item on the approved works. Then we will send in our supplement and when insurance approve it we will process to work on your house. Of course, you have right to decide what you want to repair on your house. However, we will take 30% on the item that you don’t want to repair. Also, at the end we only send out an invoice for repaired or replaced items. Meaning that, the insurance company will have right to hold on the depreciation money for unrepair items.