Texas hail & wind storms 2008

Strong storms slam into Texas
05/15/08 11:43 AM CDT

Strong storms slammed into Central Texas May 13 through May 15 leaving behind widespread damage to property and automobiles. This storm downed trees and power lines leaving thousands without power. Additionally, golf ball to baseball sized hail was reported in the Austin area damaging homes and automobiles.

Property loss reports indicate minor to moderate wind, hail and lightning damages with a majority of wind/hail damage to roofs.

Vehicle loss reports indicate minor to moderate damages as a result of hail, falling trees and tree limbs, as well as flying debris.

At this time, the counties primarily impacted are Travis, Bell, Bexar and Williamson.

The above notice is straight from Allstate’s website.



However, by reading the announcement carefully, it appears that Allstate is already setting customers up for minimal / omissive loss claim facts, and synthetically valued “settlements”.

  1. Baseball, Softball, and Grapefruit sized hail hit the area, and the two storms created much major damage, NOT limited ‘minor to moderate’ damage only.

  2. Many, many more construction components are commonly damaged during a hail / wind / rain event. The OVERALL structural damage loss /dollar amount can be much greater than roofing loss values alone.

  3. Vehicle damage is intensive, and extensive.

  4. The equally intensive (April 17th & 23rd) storms affecting Mineral Wells, Weatherford, and other areas west of Fort Worth and Dallas, have produced 33,000 home owner claims, and 21,000 car owner claims. Over $200,000,000.00 in insured loss damage, from the two April storms, has been documented / reported by The Insurance Council of Texas.

  5. We are in the areas affected and can verify ACUTUAL damage impact.


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I hope to keep this site informed as these storm / insurance claim issues develop.

Regarding the May 14th 2008 Austin area storms–

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That is some big hail. Today I was cleaning out the garage and came across three heating caps. One was in a marble sized hail storm the other in a golf ball sized hail storm and one was in a softball sized hail storm. The one looked like someone jumped on top of it. That roof had a few holes in the plywood and every plastic vent was badly broken. For 35 minutes it hailed golf ball to softball sized hail.