Temporary fix - Leaking (Low Sloped) shingled Roof


Roofers and manufactures relying on I+w (IMO the duct tape of the roofing industry) to keep things from leaking is probably my biggest roofing pet peve. It worked for me…until the time it didn’t.


If it is one of the Ice & Water Shields that actually works it only works until the nails rust out.

We all know sometimes people just know better and insist on shingles, they just don’t listen so we do the best we can.


My pet peeve has always been roofers who think their own life experience in the industry are dumb enough to believe 1 persons 40yrs on the job somehow supersedes the manufacturers100+ yrs in buisness, not to mention the billions spent on RnD. And oh yeah…lets not forget the NRCA. I’m sure they don’t have a clue compared to any “1” of us… Lol. Ill stick to knowing what I know and follow the specs at all times. If they are wrong…they can pay for it.


From what I have seen it takes about 5-7 yrs for electro-galvanised nails to rust out and leak in an area that sees regular ice damming, pitch of the roof doesn’t matter.

The lower the slope of the roof the higher up it will be affected.