Temporary fix - Leaking (Low Sloped) shingled Roof


My roof was replaced in July by insurance from hail damage. As part of this an addition with a low sloped roof was also shingled. This was previously a tar coated roof that had a small leak. No problems until a few weeks ago, when it started leaking in a number of spots. Called the roofing company (They are no longer in business).

I have been told by friends that they should not have shingled the roof and that I need a rolled product. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to replace the roof at this time (I just had Open Heart surgery and medical bills are killing me). Will a sealer work to stop the leaks temporarily (just a couple of months)?

  1. Sorry you got taken by a likely stormchaser.

  2. Have yet to see any coating on shingles last more than a year on such a low pitch.

  3. Can you post some more pics of the transition area?


Those look like Lifetime GAF Timberline Natural Shadow shingles.

You could tar every nail and every seam.


a heavy duty tarp,may last a few months


If you signed a contract you have recourse. That slope would require a ice and water shield underneath the shingles. If its not there its an improper install. Make the contractor make it right. Its his job to know minimum slopes for shingles and proper install.


The contractor is no longer in business and that install is wrong weather there is I+w under the shingles or not.


@IslandRoofing…Don’t see where the op said contractor is out of business. And if slope is 2/12 it is totally acceptable with shingles and ice shield. Can’t tell slope in photo…must be minimum 2" fall for warranty.


Are you sure they allow 2/12? I was under the impression the minimum pitch allowed was 3/12 for archs and 2/12 for 3 tabs. I personally refuse to put shingles on anything lower than a 4/12 after a bad experience (even with full I+w). The end of the first paragraph of the original post says the original roofer is out of business.



It says “Greater than” so that would mean that 2/12 is not included.


We lay the shingles on 5" exposure…and nail just above top blue line to keep nails as high as possible and still catch underlying course. I also recommend a minimum 8" stagger on low slope to prevent joint wash over nails. Never had a problem…:+1:


Without peel axiom. 2/12 is warranted with peel. At least certainteed is. I’m not sure on cheaper shingles.


GAF is not a brand I use or recommend personally.


Low slope application is what it is referring to, read it again.


I read the whole book a month ago…lol. I just recertified Wizard…:heavy_check_mark:


Read past what you posted. 2 to 4 inch require special underlayment…ie…ice and water shield☺


“Greater than” excludes 2/12.

Technically 2.09/12 would qualify.

We all know it shouldn’t be done, but can be done in some cases.


You forgot to mention that it actually does matter what nails you use in this case.

The standard electro-galvanised coil nails we all use don’t qualify.


I am confident that even the higher pitch is barely legal.
A 3/12 transitioning into a 1/12…
IslandRoofing is completely correct.

Yep, a disaster.
If they would shingle that low of a pitch
I assure you
That the legal pitch they roofed is a disaster also.


Lol… @IslandRoofing I wasn’t going over every detail. Just pointing out what is the pertinent. If its 2/12 or greater…with ice and water shouldn’t leak. But the I&W is required at that slope. Which was my original post.