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Is the cost of living that high where you live? I see a lot of roofer’s on here that say they get $400 sq. or more for one layer tear off. Here in sc I get $180 sq. and I still have home owners to tell me that I am to high. They get others to give them a price of $140 sq., 130 sq. , and 125 sq. they ask me to beat there price. But I have all my insurance and license. There is no way for me to do them at that price. But that is ok I still do good for my business.

im in tx and i do very good to get more than $140 for a easy walk 1 layer tear off but thats in tx they try to starve us roofers here

It depends on the economy and the wage scale.

I bet GTP would tell you prices out of Michigan that must include stolen materials, because the prices are so cheap.


$400 a sq. wow I must live in the wrong area, lol. The absolute most I have ever charged for a re-roof $350/sq and that was a 12/12 with 3 layers, 3 dormers, and was 2 story’s up.

i can get $400-$700 square , but it is for a cedar shake tear off on a 150 year old house that is all cut up. about $250/ square for average walkable tear off in NY.

what would u charge for a 1 story lowslope 1 layer tear off? how much to tear it off and how much to apply it?

there are some say around 350 for a ranch, I would not be lower than 400 for anything. Its a job not a hobby. watch your costs this year or be ready to go under.

since that last post of mine i have gone up to about $380 for 1 layer walker. i was $360 last week and $340 the week before that. i have been averaging that kind of increase for the past 2 months to keep up with material and other increases. Still booking solidly though.

My price per square really depends on a lot of things.

Insurance work?
Highly referred?
Phone book lead?
Home onwers that are cheap?

For insurance I try to get a minumal of $300 per square for one layer walkers. For 7-9/12’s it jumps to around $400 per square and on really steep roofs it can jump up to $500 per square. Done some for over $500 per square for 10/12 30 year lam tear offs.

For the jobs I come highly referred the cost is close to the insurance pay.

If for some reason I want a job from say the phone book or a cheap home owner I may lower my bid but never to the lowest standard. Most of the time when bidding on non insurance work my bid is the highest. Even on most insurance jobs if they got other bids for some strange reason mine is usually the highest. Just have to explain to them that the insurance company will pay more than what the adjuster has figured since he or she is only a glorified estimator.

Well gotta go measure six roofs today… $80-100 in fuel, can’t wait!!! At least all are insurance jobs.


Well gotta go measure six roofs today… $80-100 in fuel, can’t wait!!! [/quote]

do what i did and get a little ford escape, stick a 24’ aluminum ext. ladder on it and letter the bejesus out of it. i went from $150/ day in fuel to $50 every other day. actually looks kind of neat, has super cold A/C and has more room for product literature than my quad cab truck.

Thats a great idea. my F-350 “although its cool and my ego demands it” is starting to really drain my wallett with $160 to fill it right now with diesel. Its insanity.

Sitting with three diesels, an F350 DRW, F250, and Excursion. All three have different size tanks and the 44 gallon tank in the X is really something else. When I pay the cashiers always say, “Ouch”. The only thing I can think to say is, “See ya in 800 miles”. My wife daily drives the 8,000 lb suv but it gets pretty good fuel mileage. My fuel bill for the main work truck will cost about as much as my mortgage this year!!!

For a while did estimate and met with adjusters in the Neon. 26-28 mpg sure is nice. With most contractors running around in big shiny trucks a lot of home owners look at me funny pulling up in the little Neon. The ice cold A/C in the trucks sure is nice!

My 3500 (350, Vortec 5.7) has been sitting idle for months while I’m driving the S-10. I do need to get a 2 story folding ladder, however, as I don’t want to put a ladder rack on this truck because that’s air drag.

I’m doing a LOT better in the fuel department, that’s for sure.

It seems like we always tend to slowly get off the point or question of the original post. I spent 75 on gas just to get back and fourth from the jobsite the past two days. Maybe the gas prices being high will eventually help in the long run, eventually get rid of all the owners of trucks who bought them just to haul oxygen around. Who knows.

Take Care All.

Why even strap a 24’ ladder to the Escape? Just buy a foldup Little Giant.