Tear off dilemmas

Hey Guys,
I just found this site. I like it so far.

Here is my problem. We have a 7/12 pitch 45’ in the air to the gutters. Its an apartment complex, people coming and going all day long. Its a two layer tear off, approximately 250 SQ. This job will go off in the late spring or early summer May/june/july. Air mail may be possible in some locations, but most the tear off will have to be controlled. A purchased chute is about 5’ wide. Thats a little small for our purpose here. My question is how have you guys made chutes in this situation. Or have you got an other good idea? A crane, dump box is not the best Idea for this either. The best Idea I can come up with at this time is a 50’x20’ tarp with 3/8" cable thread through the eye holes, fastened to the roof and the dump truck. If we stretch them taught and put a slight angle on it the tear off should slide right on in.

What ya think guys? Give me any Idea, no matter how crazy it sounds. If you have done something like this I would live to hear about it. How you accomplished it.

Thanks all

roofing supply stores have a shoot system you can buy. It is made of a heavy plastic material and connects togeather with chains which are attached to each shoot piece. This way you can adjust the shoot to the size you need. You will have to build a staging area for the system. Then set up your safty so OSHA does not Tag you. This way you can control the trash all the way to the dumpster.

Yes I am aware of them, But Like I said they seem like they will be awfully small for this roof. Not to mention heavy.

staging the bottom for easy access
with alumapole staging…stage the roof
bottom to avoid the majority of the debris falling.
Have a couple of guys directing the strip towards the chutes, and go at it. And deftinitely tarp the building, just to protect the siding from any wind blown debris issues. 40 ft of tube is nothing…try working with 150-200 ft.

From what I have read in here this week,
I see that there’s a couple of guys that
if you could get them to work for you…
you could have this roof done in 2-3 days. :roll:

What do you mean Aluminum pole staging, Pump Jacks?? If I understand what you are saying, just protect the bottom of the roof from shingles sliding off, I got ya there. Tarp the building from falling shingles. Got that. Then use a chute, and just funnel it into the chute? I thought about using 2x6’s like a funnel but on a 7/12 I don’t know if it would be enough to keep it flowing, like you say a guy pushing shingles into the chute. My point is the chutes I have used in the past are only around a 5’ hole. I think a decent tarp on cables would be easier to use, we could have that hole be much larger, say 16’ wide We have 300 LF of building 2 side of corse. I am looking for an easier, quicker way. It seems that if I have two guys shoveling tear off into a 5’ hole it all day that will eat up a lot of man hours. If I can have those same two guys tearing off more and feeding tear off less we can move faster.


Do you have the contract signed already?

If you do now is the wrong time to figure out how to do it.

Quickly does not figure into jobs 45’ in the air.

You are not lying there lefty.

trying to make a shute out of tarps just wont work, it will get ripped to hell in about the first few minutes. The round garlock shutes that you assemble are great. you may need to pipe stage the job. at the very least the area of your shoot. remember the seven P,s of roofing “propor prior planning prevents piss poor preformance”

I added some fluff into the bid for the height. I have considered several ways to control the tear off.

I was thinking of a heavy weight canvas tarp 20x50. I doubt it will be damaged at all. If I decide on this course of action I will let you guys know how it turned out. I will get some pics too. I am still thinking on it.

What are you guys talking about tube staging. Do you mean a Pump Jack set up? I am planing to set up Jacks for the eaves to do the bottom few courses and the fascia repairs, and gutters. An earlier poster stated I should use aluminum pole staging, I am assuming he is talking about Pump Jacks.

Get back to me please.

Thanks for all the input. I do appreciate it.

No not pump jacks, thats really not staging. Staging is pipe staging with cross braces and fully planked at the top. That would facilitate setting up your chute and you could extent a couple of 16’ planks to secure the top of the chute. It works great and is safe. you can also move the chute easily.

Hey Jim 7th Pic down on Slate and Tile on your web site. That guy is having a blast eh? He is on a church Steeple on about a 18/12 pitch? Ice all around. He is standing on a little wooden triangle. LOL Good work man. I really like your site.

The picture on the home page The guy working on the cedar job. The ladders under him with his plank scaffold. The ladders appear to be unsupported. Looks like they just go straight up.

Also under Cedar. 3rd pic is that a flat roof, and is it copper?

at 7/12 2+story, stuffs gonna be everywhere.
tarp front of building, back dump up to tarp, rope off
the area on the ground, put toe boards along bottom edge to catch tear off, and then go to work.
tear it off and throw it in the truck.
its either that or spend more money on set up than
your gettin paid.


We can’t just throw it off. Osha violation after 2 stories in our state. Besides to many people coming and going.

I suggested the alumapole staging to save you the cost of renting pipe staging, and giving your employees a safe, OSHA approved work area that also allows you to protect the building while you are working. As far as the debris drops, the chutes will work exactly as you need them to, two guys stripping and one guy directing everything into the chutes will move along surprisingly smooth. 3 pumps will let you work
50 feet at a time. Tarps for protection, chutes for dumping. Multi family projects probably raise more safety flags than a simple single family residential job.

old time slaters-steeplejacks are good with a bosuns chair and some rigging.Remember that the Osha rules were not written by Roofers “at least not real ones”, that being said I love all my expensive harnesses,hard hats etc. they take up quite a bit of valuble space in my trailers and make a great decoration.

Bayco, Thats exactly what I think we will do.

sounds like you need to due this roof
after hours.

night work.