Tar Paper Required before 2nd Layer?


Am i to understand that you just said “2” roof coverings and you will still go over? If thats the case i dont know of any building code in the U.S. that will allow 3 layers. Ther more you put on …the more weight on the structure.


What will happen in 20 years when this, or the next owner, is faced with a 3 layer tearoff?

How easy will that sale be?


im just sick and tired of seeing 4, 5, and sometimes SIX layers of asphalt on top of WOOD SHAKE, and the customer wonders why there are 1" and larger gaps in their foundation, and the bricks are all seperated from the mortar on their outside walls, and none of the doors in their house close all the way.

then i have to tell them that their 25 square roof is going to cost them $15,000 cash to replace.


Marshall Exteriors: You said that you did not know of any state building code that allowed for up to three roof coverings. Here is the update revision to the Oregon Building Code for residential:

Effective April 1, 2005, the ability to re-roof over two layers of existing roofing is once
again allowed. The 2003 Edition of the Oregon Dwelling Specialty Code prohibited the
installation of a third layer over two existing layers of roofing. The 2005 Edition of the Oregon
Residential Specialty Code allows up to three layers of roofing before removal of all existing
roofing materials is required. For more information or questions contact Micheal D. Ewert at
503-373-7529 or e-mail questions to mike.d.ewert@state.or.us.

R907.3 Recovering versus replacement. New roof coverings shall not be
installed without first removing existing roof coverings where any of the
following conditions occur:

  1. Where the existing roof or roof covering is water-soaked or has
    deteriorated to the point that the existing roof or roof covering is not
    adequate as a base for additional roofing.
  2. Where the existing roof covering is wood shake, slate, clay, cement or
    asbestos-cement tile.
  3. Where the existing roof has two three or more applications of any type of
    roof covering.


I am not a roofer but I am an engineer in another area and I am about to have my roof replaced next week and I would NEVER have even a second layer of shingles put on my house.

One saying that my father told me: “Do it right the first time and then you want have to worry about it”

Pay me now or pay me later comes to mind also…


Careful now guys some of them can read english too!!
Concerning a roof-over.I dont recommend it,but the only time I ever told a HO to do it it was when he was getting rid of a rental property in run-down neighborhood.( all for the looks)I did in one day, got paid cash , no papers signed and see ya!

           best wishes to all of you


Out here in Oregon you are allowed to have three roof coverings on a home before you have to tear down all the way to the sheathing with the exceptions that with each of the second and third roof coverings-the shingles and roof deck that you are replacing with another covering, must, be in good condition with no excessive loss of roof granules on the shingles and no rot on the sheathing.


well it seems to me that day labor seems cheap until somebody falls off the roof on your property or steps on a nail. After that labor is no longer cheap


How much will you save when somebody gets hurt up on that roof. A homeowner gets hurt he gets the FED to eat behind that on his own licensed contractor has insurance just for such things. Go to Home Depot find that cheap labor I cross your fingers nothing goes wrong


Some of these guys i really miss.
I often wonder if they are still alive…


Some of them are over at the roofers coffee shop.