Tapco Port-O-Bend Pro II doesn't bend evenly


It bends more at the ends, less in the middle.

I’ve sighted it looking for bent parts but found none. I’ve adjusted it so that it has equal grip.

Body shop friend said a lot of them do that.

Almost seems like it doesn’t bend as much where most of the bending was done suggesting something is worn out - maybe the sliding hinge . The track for the wire could be worn. If that was the case, a solution might be to “wear” the ends. Acid anyone?


They do that when they get old. They sell rebuild kits, but it won’t fix the unevenness.


Sounds like it is wear in the sliding hinge - a remedy would be to introduce more “slop” at the ends.

First step would be to figure out how to measure the slot to hinge pin clearance.

Or maybe tweak by bending too thick sheet at the ends.


Sometimes a tune up kit, or just the vinyl strip helps, sometimes you just have to live with it. We have 10 tapco not an all uncommon problem. I normally try a tune up kit, but after that is not really worth replacing anything else, anvil and the hinged sections are both very expensive to replace and money is better spend investing in a new brake.