Tamko Laminates Slate

Does anyone know where to find a small amount of the discontinued Tamko laminated slate?

What is a “small amount”? And what is the purpose?

2 to 3 square to fill in where there is damage to existing shingles.

Good luck with that! They won’t look right anyway due to lot# difference, IF you can find them. When I get a few that need replaced on the front of a house, I pull them from an area that isn’t too obvious and put the replacements there.

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I know a landfill where we just dumped 55 square of it, 8 years old. They discontinued it for a reason.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks, what I understand is they deteriated quickly in dry climates due to manufacturing process.

Big time. Like an old tire laying out in the sun. If there is an original owner involved pursue a claim straight away. Tamko knows it’s bad product and is pretty fair about settling claims.