Tamko Defect?


didnt have time to go by supply house and get that poster off the wall, but I just bought 200 sq of heritage so ill let you know… hope i dont regret it :?


ok finally!!! this is what my supplier said- the “defect” that is being handled claim by claim (and really not a defect) is due to the shingles from the manufacturer sitting outside for an extended period of time in the heat. He said the oil in the shingles has risen up thru the granules and is causing a shadowing effect on the shingles. BUT they are asking the homeowners/contractors to wait 60 days before they file their claim because the sun will dry up the oil on top of the granules after a few months and the shadowing goes away.

He also said Tamko doesnt put seconds on the market anymore, So as long as they are packaged with tamkos name on them, they should be fully warrantied, perfect shingles. :stuck_out_tongue:


First I want to start by saying I respect a bunch of you on this forum .many of you bring your knowledge and experience to the table and educate all of us old and new to this field of work. I didn’t even know the website existed till a very close personal friend told me about it and honestly they didn’t know much to begin with and in a short period of time with many of you taking the time out of your day to teach what you know turned out a pretty good roofer and claims consultant. And I wont say which one of you it is. Thats why I respect a bunch of you plus I learned some things I didn’t know as well. Enough of that crap a great roofer and a great claims consultant 2 totally different animals. My take on the tamko “defect” first not a defect its just been a bad word to choose. And there really are not seconds with any manufacturer what they do have is end of run shingles. End of runs for people that do not know are anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 sq of shingles that all manufactures do when its time to color change or like tamko does more then most is shut down for maintenance in which at tamko plants they are a little more behind the times . A lot of labor is involved a lot of gauges , valves, and hoses etc. which have to be cleaned where adhesives etc need to be flushed. So if they do a end of run in black walnut at the same time its a scheduled maintenance those last 7000 sq of shingles or so will be made with less of the stuff it takes to hold them all together. Those should be destroyed some plants burn the sides of pallet loads to show no warranty but some do slip by cause its operated by some of the toughest men any of us have ever seen and we ain’t perfect(meaning we as men,we all know women are perfect). Unlike gaf elk, atlas, oc totally automated and they can tell down to the bundle of a lot where it will no longer pass. 14,252 sq will pass as end of runs with warranty and a very very small almost non existent color change. Color also has to do with the granules where they came from due to availability of the color. Its more difficult for tamko to change formulas and keep up with all the new technology ,and they are changing ,due to its labor force… None the less they stand behind there product and the labor force . they will field claims as they come till they get it right. Tamko does a huge commercial business and are at the top of that game. Joplin issues are to be expected that whole community was torn apart. People were left without homes death etc. they did what they could.same thing with Tuscaloosa. Thats my take on the ”defect” . Personally I would put tamko black walnut on my house but as a roofer that has installed tamko , I make sure lots and numbers match ,if you don’t there is a chance of a shade issue .leave your homeowner at least 2 bundles for repair down the road. Im not the greatest with words especially in my truck typing on my tiny ipad keyboard, smelling the hot from this flat roof im trying to finish before it rains , And get a check.thanks again


Afternoon. Just found this forum. My parents had a roof replaced in September using Tamco. Understand first that my knowledge is ZERO on this topic. However, my interest is paramount as it may involve my family. This scares me. Is this a problem to address with your roofer? Should I contact the shingle company? I have yet to advise my father about this information and would rather not until I have my facts straight. I am at you mercy and need any advise and information you could share.
My Regards


I am guessing the so called seconds sold by Tamko make up less than .0001% of the total shingles they put out. In other words, the odds of your Parents receiving seconds is less than minimal. If they were seconds, chances are decent their roofer was not only aware of it but was also complicit in it so calling them seems less than a productive way of easing your mind.

You should spend your time worrying about something much more likely to negatively impact your life, like being crushed by a flying elephant or something.


GAWD :shock:


Thought this forum would be a good place to ask questions and gain information. My mistake. When a question is asked you don’t get an answer, just smart a-- remarks. Live and Learn.


give credit where credit is due. you got an answer AND a smart ass remark… or an answer within a smart ass remark… you have to shed your self importance in this world and read in between the lines…

theres no crying in roofing.


Yes this has been a big issue in central kansas, our supplier dropped 5 tamko jobs where the shingles would not lay down. The Tamko rep came out and said they would replace all 5. We are waiting until spring now but they are standing behind there shingle. Homeowners have been very understanding.
We are moving on to GAF shingles in the spring.
What a mess.


[quote=“Roofing Reps”]Yes this has been a big issue in central kansas, our supplier dropped 5 tamko jobs where the shingles would not lay down. The Tamko rep came out and said they would replace all 5. We are waiting until spring now but they are standing behind there shingle. Homeowners have been very understanding.
We are moving on to GAF shingles in the spring.
What a mess.[/quote]

Good decision. Wait until you have problems with GAF and they don’t stand behind their product. We’ve put on over 500 roofs in the past year or so with Tamko, not a problem with a single one.


I have no problem installing Tamko, they actually are standing behind the problem, but it’s a small town and the word is out on the product defect, I have switched a few over to GAF, had good luck w GAF n the KC market, due to the customers choice, small town people talk. :slight_smile:
Actually I should commend Tamko on there quick response to the issue, handled very well.
AD, where do u call the home office?


Home is North side of Indianapolis, IN. We also have offices in Birmingham, AL and Charleston, SC.


the shingles wont lay down? would that be classified under the “flaw in the formula” defect or the “end of run/ no glue” defect or the “rising oil” defect.

the 200 sq i bought wont lay down either. but i assumed it was due to the cold weather.


You all know my stand, I prefer GAF and their accessories but I’ve used Tamko years ago and they held up well.

I’m sure glad Tamko is replacing those 5 roofs but, but, but if I were the HO’s I don’t think I’d be OK with using the same product and quite possibly the Roofer having a complete roof and used a defective shingle. Just my opinion.