Tamko Defect?


I heard Tamko has a defect in one of their lines and instead of pulling the line off the market, they are just going to handle the problems as they come up. They stated they will replace any defected shingle with no questions… i guess they think that is going to be cheaper in the long run? has anyone else heard this? we all know how rumors are.

ps IVE MISSED YOU GUYS! :stuck_out_tongue: i got too busy for a few weeks and couldnt play with yal… but im back now, for tonight anyhow.


I have heard nothing.,I will contact my supplier to see if Joplin is associated with such a claim and if they are aware of anything.


yeah one of my suppliers didnt know anything… ill check with the others throughout the week.


I get the same impression. The supplier here is pretty much replacing the bundles with no questions asked. There are several BIG problems right now with the mentioned brand from funky granules, to exposure length issues to discoloration. Not just joplin but phillipsburg also. QC is not too good right now IMO. But, shouldnt one not install components of a roof system with obvious mfg defects?


thats pretty much what i heard… as far as the defect… something about the granules… the formula… yadi yadi… whatever it was it drew a giant red flag. especially when i heard they werent pulling the line. thats disappointing. i expected more from a company like tamko. (or tampiko like one of my customers calls it ) lol… it was so funny when she said it i didnt even correct her. :oops: anyway. thats great that they will replace the shingles, but still its the roofer that looks bad when the house has fiberglass mat for a roof and the customers electric bill is sky high… i just crossed them off my list all together so i dont have to deal with it. i love to gamble but not with my customers money.


I have bought up quiet a bit of the defect Tamko stock from the Dallas plant. They are selling them with out warranty but we are selling them quick. Probably gone through some 40 trucks at 208 sq per truck this month @ $50/sq. If your interested in some let me know.


I don’t believe you bought any Tamko asphalt shingles made out of a Dallas plant.


And you are bragging about that?


I just spoke with my suppliers and nothing out of the norm from Joplin.Pick a manufacture and they all have quirks with exposures,lengths and height.

I would wonder how you could buy a few truck loads of defective material and feel comfortable selling and installing them.

Are there that many stupid homeowners who would willingly allow installation of a defective product without any type of warranty?

The material obviously has no warranty and the contractor could easily side step coverage of a workmanship warranty.

Just out of curiosity.,.,what is your sales pitch?.,Or do you own a C rated material salvage home improvement warehouse?.,.,If that is the case alot of contractors in your area are buying this junk and installing them on unsuspecting homeowners properties.

I am the first to agree with free enterprise but IMO that is some crooked sh**…,.,it would be almost worth it to contact your Attorney General and have this process investigated.You can say all you want but somewhere between you and the final installation is some seriously dishonest dealing going on.

Roofing contractors are ALWAYS in the cross hairs of the media,BBB,A.G etc.What sucks is the ones who do things right are suffering because of crooks like you.I have a hard time believing Tamko or any other manufacture would sell several hundred truck loads of materials to a 3rd rate distribution center knowing that they will at some point end up on thousands of homes.It is just not a good marketing plan.

I maybe wrong but it seems more productive to melt them down and start over.If a true conspiracy is being played out by Tamko it seems more logical to load all the shingles up from all the suppliers in the dead of night while nobody is watching rather than roll the dice.Billion dollar companies don’t stay billion dollar companies by tossing the dice.,But hey.,what do I know.,???.,


It takes all kinds, I guess. Should change your name from shingleguru to shameless or something not associated with the roofers here and elsewhere.


I have heard of a few guys that had problems with Tamko 20 yr, but I didn’t know they are/maybe knowingly selling defective shingles. If it’s true, this would explain how some companies will do a roof for $165 a square.


roofmaster- bingo. . i would expect more from a company like that. im sure the shingles will have to be purchased from a distributor to qualify for the warranty… but i believe they ARE warrantied as any other shingle… tamko just chose to take the claims as they come in vs starting over. bad move i agree. im not sure how one would know the shingle was defective prior to it being installed… so im guessing the distributor just dumped them all at cost so they could get rid of them. i think this will cost tamko bigtime in the long run but hell, there are enough roofers out there to keep any company alive. especially if you discount the shingles… as we just read. im pretty sure i know who just bought the truckloads too. something about that comment sounded way too familiar…but hey… its more work for me…

we might need it next year after installing all these class 4 shingles! ha…


I hear a lot of speculation here backed by ZERO fact. We have had great luck with Tamko in our Southern offices. Until someone has fact to discuss, you really shouldn’t be trashing this company with a bunch of speculation and conspiracy theory.


The surplus, downfall, discontinued roofing market is huge. I don’t sell to contractors. I sell to surplus and discount building material warehouses.


Thats reassuring.,


I spoke to my Tamko factory contact, here are the facts.

The seconds being referred to came on the market after the factories in Tuscaloosa and Joplin were severely damaged by the tornado. This was product that was inventory on the factory site. Whatever inventory was damaged or under suspicion of damage from being struck by debris during the tornadoes was marked as damaged, turned in as an insurance claim and subsequently sold as seconds. In many cases, this product was never packaged. Packaged material is clearly marked, the pallets are marked and a notch is also cut into the shingles.

There was and is no quality issue with any of the manufacturing lines. At no time would Tamko knowingly put defective material on the market with the strategy of dealing with it later on a claim by claim basis. The cost of handling claims is very high, this would not be an effective business strategy for Tamko or any other shingle manufacturer. In the event a quality problem with a manufacturing line is detected, all suspect material is quarantined until the issue can be resolved. Any defective material is either scrapped or again, clearly marked and sold as seconds.

With all this said, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that an unscrupulous distributor of roof materials could obtain an inventory of seconds and attempt to pass it off as regular product. This would be true for any manufacturer and of more materials than just shingles. Points once again to the need for consumers to beware of “bargains” too good to be true and to choose reputable, competent roofing contractors who buy from reputable, proven sources and would also be able to recognize “seconds” product from the packaging and marking.

It also points to the need for people to get their facts straight before they unknowingly damage a company’s business and reputation by passing along flawed information.


thanks AD. thats what I wanted to know… hence the ??? in the title. I understand your point of not damaging a companies rep, but is this not a site where one can ask questions regarding the validity of rumor? Nobody was intentionally trashing Tamko… I asked people who would know… who have hands on experience with this because I was getting mixed answers from suppliers and other roofers. Tamko is my favorite company… just wanted to see what roofers across the land have seen. I thought the aforementioned problem sounded out of line with what I know of Tamkos business practices… so i wanted to see how far this rumor had traveled. didnt mean to ruin your day over it.


madrina, with all due respect, you hardly ruined my day. :smiley: I too am a supporter of Tamko, we use a lot of their product. The product has been excellent and the company Reps and support has always been excellent. I don’t believe for a minute your intent was malicious but I think you can see how this progressed and could easily be misconstrued.


ok… glad it didnt ruin your day… :wink: but this might… 2 suppliers told me to stay away from them right now. they have some notice posted on the wall about it… ill try to get a copy for everyone. all i can say is i was told “they are aware of a flaw in their formula and instead of fixing it they are just going to take the claims as they come” BUT let me get a copy of the notice before i speak on it anymore… i havent seen the notice yet, just heard from another roofer…

dont think it has anything to do with the tornado deal… more to do with internal production, i promise i will rectify this on monday.


Have used Tamko for years. We go through 150 sq a week. All I am saying is what we have all of a sudden, out of the blue, run across. Herritage 30, heavy, large almost sand colored grainules gutters full of grainules the next day/Dull discolor/shiny discolor. shingle mat on top of the grainules, on the double laminate. Elite whites, same date/lot ect ect but some will be yellow and some bright white. same lot/date/ top lap (the black part of the shingle) comes down almost two inches below the exposure line. we get the herritage 30 in semi loads from phillipsburg/Elites from joplin.