Tamco or timberline?


We have signed a contract with a company for a new roof. They showed us Timberline and we picked out the color. The company just delivered their supplies and the shingles are Tamco. Color is okay, but I’m wondering if we should insist on the Timberline?


It is your choice,you picked what you wanted so insist on what you want. 8)


Make them put on timberline. I think it is a superior product as well. It could be an honest mistake or they could be trying to cut corners.


dont settle for okay. If your going to live in your home for any amount of time do you want to come home every day and look at your roof and say “i wish i would have made them put on the timberline”


Here the tamkos are less expensive.

I think the contractor is trying to cut corners on you. Watch him.

Was he the low bid?


two possibilities…

  1. the color that you selected is not available
    in the timberline, so they accepted a different
  2. you picked a color from a tamko swatch, and despite
    timberlines being specified in the contract…
    whomever sent the purchase order only was the tamko
    color selections in the notes.
    3… Unless things have changed…Tamko has always been
    known as a company that would rather spend their money hiring lawyers for defending their economy line of products than put it into product improvement of contractor support issues.


i would want the timberlines.


if the contract says timeberline, then you should have what the contract says.

as far which product is better, i prefer tamko. also i like their color schemes better.

and in my area tamko is more expensive then GAF/ELK


Contract info is important. If it does not state brand name on it then it was left wide open to get any, lets say thirty year shingle of similar color.But if the color is on the contract and Tamko does not carry such color,then you have a right to argue.Bring it up with your contractor. Timberline is prefered in my area.


Tamko is not cheaper than GAF timberline in my area.
I would choose Tamko over GAF any day.

But everyone has their opinion on what is the best.

Settle the issue NOW! dont wait untill they start laying shingles. That means right now!

Be happy with the tamkos!
Get the shingles off the roof.


Tamkos are good shingles.


I have a problem with the guy pulling the switcheroo. I think either tamco or timberlines are ok but if he sold you timberlines and now he’s installing tamcos something isn’t right. I know right now a supplier in my area has about 160 square of tamcos that were ordered for a big job that fell through so they’re selling them cheap. Could be a similar situation and he’s trying to make a few extra bucks. The switcheroo is not cool though.


Yall are going to think i am totally crazy.
and i guess i am.
I just love roofs. And i love working on them.

I performed the switcheroo for completely the opposite reason you would think and put my self at great risk.

I had a 47sq roof 7/12 roof.
I sold a Atlas architect.
They chose the charcoal color scheme.
Thats the only color of Atlas i hate. It looks too flat and dull.

So without me ever telling the homeowner,
I switched the order to the higher priced Certainteed Moire black.
I used 450 dollars of my own money just so i could be more proud of the roof when i was done.

The homeowner never said a word about it and neither did I.

Interestingly, Today, Certainteeds are the lower priced shingle.


I never pulled a switcharoo…In my area the Tamko is less then Timberline…I only use Tim…Prestique…
If Timberline was not available they should have made contact with you and changed the contract(PROFESSIONALISM)


thats why my contracts say “30 yr shingles” or “3tab” only.
i dont specify different brands unless the customer wants. i want customer to think they all come from the same place, which is pretty much true.
i want to put on the same shingles my competitors
are puttin on and that brand changes all the time.

in this case if the contract says timberline then there should be timberline goin on.
if you have a reason why you cant use timberline then your supposedd to tell h/o BEFORE the shingles are delivered.

so let us know what the big problem this roofer has created for him/her self.


Gweedo, where did you get the idea that shingles all come from the same place?

They don’t, and there is a quantifiable difference between brands.


[quote="-Axiom-"]Gweedo, where did you get the idea that shingles all come from the same place?


He didnt mean it literally. He just didnt express himself well.

I use to do the same thing. I wouldnt specify the shingle brand at first. I would tell the customer that i would install any 30 year architect they wanted. That way if another roofer/estimator had come before me telling a potential customer that their brand was the best shingle in the world, the customer would know that i am willing to install that exact shingle also.
So that way they are comfortable knowing that i am not trying to sell the cheapest shingle i can find.