Talking flashing

There is more than one way to flash a chimney.
Some use small pieces of metal between each shingle called step flashing.
Some use Flashing custom fit, one solid piece from top to bottom maybe two pieces on a rake.
We call it “5x5” even though the exact measurement doesnt always equal that ( 5x4).

Many materials can flash and roof a structure.
Rigid and soft material alike.
Top dollar material, reglets and fancy hems.
You could use the highest gauge pre-painted aluminum or different thicknesses of copper
And then Reglets( cutting into the chimney for a slot) and then fancy Hems in the metal to go into the slot.
I have installed them every which way you can think of
But i would like to show you exhibit A
And yes, it is my work.
This work will be 22 years old this coming feb.
It has never leaked, been re-caulked, repaired in any way and is still water tight.

I used Mfm self-adhered aluminum faced material.
I used un painted galvanized steel
A torch and some Vulkem.

Do a close up/zoom in of these pics.
Click on photo before enlarging to get way better resolution.
The shingles are totally wore out
But the self adhered aluminum used as flashing and counter flashing has not deteriorated one single bit.
Also take note that this 22 year old un-painted galvanized steel doesnt even have a speck of rust on it.

First i bend my metal away from the 90degree angle in order that it will hug the side wall tight without using a single wall fastener if possible.
Another thing i do is caulk seal the top of the base flashing before i do any counter flashing work. I get my caulking gun nozzle behind the top of the flashing so that i am sandwiching the metal with the sealant.

This homeowner is happy with the roof they received and will be using me again to replace their roof some time next year.

They paid me 3200 for 28 sq 22 years ago.
Now they will pay me about 10k
But with full ice and water shield and
Atlas pinnacle lifetime shingles.
Enjoy the photos yall!

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Nice flash work. Yep.