T Loc Shingle Question

I had a faulty installation done with T Loc Shingles from Owens Corning, the color being autum brown and they were disontinued in 2006, I need help in locating some in order to repair the roof. I hoping someone might know of a stock pile somewhere.

i didnt even know owens corning made a T loc. I thought IKO was the only one making them in the past few years.

I am with marshall on that one. Have no idea where to even start telling you to look. Good luck in the search.

Lenco lumber in buffalo ny has t locks but i don’t know what colors they have they are on senaca ave good luck

Just wanted to say thanks to all who replied, I will check out the source in Buffalo

I checked out Lenco, Owens Corning is a new stock for them, so they did not have them, but, thank you anyway