Synthetic underlayments

i want to try out a synthetic underlayment in place of 15 or 30# felt. i am wondering if anyone has any recommendations. i have seen them advertised in as much as 10 squares per roll. i was going to ask my sales rep but i am not to confident in their opinions. are there any out there that are comparable to felt prices. also i do mostly steep slope so it has to be something that can be walkable even when wet. i usually use 3/8 staples on felt and i would like to continue to staple i don’t really like the green caps.

I have used roofers select, its a 4 square rool and staplkes will work. I like this product and have used it on family members homes.

Synthetics need to be cap nailed.
They are like a garbage bag on the roof, meaning they move around a lot and your lines move with it.
When it is wet or dewey you can’t snap lines because the chaulk doesn’t soak in.

They are only good for a long term dry in IMO.
I prefer the Titanium UDL if I need to use synthetics.
Roofers select is great stuff.

I dont really like them. felt works fine why reinvent the wheel.I agree that Certainteeds Roofer Select is awesome felt.

i use a ton of titanium UDL with no complaints.

becareful of wearin polyester(uniform) pants
i found that they dont grip it like blue
jeans or skin.
also if you put your tool down, well,
its gone.

still if your lookin to get away from felt then
its a good choice…


I like gaf-elk “Shinglemate”. Used it once, and Im hooked.

thanks guys ill check those out. i have used roofers select but i didn’t buy it ill check some prices.