Synthetic Slate Tiles for repairing Slate roof?

You mean like this place around the corner?

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You got a place right around the corner?
That is great!
You should have a big stack of em
Waiting for the next roofer you will hire.


Yea that sounds pretty backwards. We do small slate repairs/replacement in a weekly basis. Our usual rate is For easily accessible areas $240 setup/travel and $28 a unit for standard size and thickness slates. We only would ever use real slates On a natural slate roof. I have on occasion used real slates on synthetic roofs when the synthetic has been discontinued. Whenever Possible we use reclaimed slate for repairs to match as close as possible.


I always respect your knowledge and the way you do business. The homeowner is not always trying to ‘get’ the roofer. I am sure your business is very well respected in your area.

Thanks MPA! This is really helpful feedback and information.