Sure-flex Kee-HP

Is any one familiar with Carlisle sure-flex Kee-HP membrane and does it compare with a 60-mil Sikaplan thermoplastic PVC?

The SureFlex KEE membrane is probably the best PVC you can buy. Sikaplan is a price competitive PVC membrane used by Sarnafil to compete with TPO membrane and not an Elvaloy/KEE membrane. If you’re choosing, buy the KEE membrane all the time.

Thanks doing a 70 sq lowslop on our church, no havc units or kitchen fans on the roof, contractor said 5,000 more for the kee-hp membrane and that we don’t need the kee-hp membrane and save our money. But I think maybe it is worth it. Just asking for advice or opinions.

Can anyone speak of membrane failures due to HVAC coil cleaner, whether it be TPO or PVC?

It is well worth it. The additional cost of material from one vendor (not Sarnafil) makes the cost of membrane at only about $0.25 to $0.30 sq ft. That translates to roughly a $2,000 difference. No difference in labor. Your other choice is to go with TPO in 80 mil at a cost of about the same as 60 mil KEE. Keep in mind that the Sikaplan is the low end of products by Sarnafil.