Supplier Terms

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of terms they have with suppliers. Is it really true that the more you buy the better pricing you get?

yes. at least it is for me.

yes i think that is true also, but sometimes to get your business they will sell u materials under someone elses account on a COD basis and give you theyre discount.

The more you buy the cheaper it is. I dont know of mant suppliers running off of someone elses account though.

Yes, the more you buy the better deal you get. When I go into the huge shingle suppliers I get a price list and it’s always a good 5% more than I pay. Once I told them how many roofs I do per year and they handed me another price list which was still a little more than what I was paying at the time.

A sider I know went into the big shingle house and ordered a load of Timberlines and got a better price than his boss who buys quite a few roofs per year. Once the boss found out he got angry at his salesman and his price was adjusted to what his sider/sub payed for his roof!

My yard is really nice to work with and only if forced to by say a home owner will only buy from them. They send me leads monthly and as a matter of fact my next tear off was from a guy who got my name from my salesman at the yard.

Usually when I buy flat roofing at the big suppliers house I am the only white roofer in there. Sure makes me want to stick with my place! Can’t recall seeing one Hispanic at the yard in the 10 years I have bought from them.

My yard gives me a 15 minute roof load window the others like to give a 3 hour roof load window.