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Hey guys,
I’m new here, so I just wanted to introduce myself. We are out of Mt. Airy, Maryland, and we have been in business for just a couple years after splitting off from another contracting company that was sold. We are growing rapidly…almost too fast (if thats really a problem), and with the warm weather picking up, business is doing the same.

I just wanted to get a feel for what suppliers you all are mainly working with. Right now I am buying almost all of my material from ABC Supply. Their sales guys are awesome and their prices are very competitive. I use other suppliers for small things that ABC sometimes doesn’t have or are out of stock. I have been getting a lot of pressure from the Roof Center (not sure if you have heard of them), to start buying most of our material from them. The sales guy stops buy at least once a week to check in on us. I’m just wondering if any of you have used them and what you think. Also, are there any suppliers that you all recommend that are in the Maryland area? Just looking for a little feedback.


I’m not from your area, but it is better to have multiple choices, even if one is the preferred vendor. You are not married to them.



I use a local supply house. I must be married to them. LOL
Been with them for 28 years.


I use a local supply house. I must be married to them. LOL
Been with them for 28 years.[/quote]

I stick with mine also, they are a good company with great people.

I went home to change out of my square deal shirt then went to ABC for free lunch…

Wear you Square Deal shirt at the ABC BBQ and get an ABC shirt to boot. :smiley:

I love ABC’s random lunches. They had their Indy car at one that I went to a couple years back. It was pretty cool. Any of you hear about ABC’s owners death not too long ago? Pretty sad story. He seemed like a good guy.

In my area abc was the most willing to give me good prices, but all to often they did not have the matching cap shingles and were carying too many different product lines. I have recently changed to Bradco , they were lower priced and only carry 1 shingle gaf/elk Timberline Prestique. That suits me fine cause that is what I sell. My other supplier was telling me that there would be 10-15% increases per quarter this year due to rising fuel prices, but when I ordered the next job they told me it is now 15% increases every month! They are at 55.00 per square now and will be at 75.00 by July 1st. Bradco is at 46.00 and said next load is at 49.00 for this month.

Bradco is about the best for prices and service.

Roofing Wholesale!!! since forever! I go to ABC and they give me the same price but RWS is my fav!

I buy 98% of my roofing supplies from a small one shop lumber yard.

All my builders buy from them as well as my brother and one Uncle.

Their prices are competive and their service is great. I would say in the past 10 years buying from them they have waited for me on roof loads more than I have waited for them. The two boom truck drivers are very easy going.

Usually I can call in a roof load and get same day or next day roof top delivery. They pinpoint the delivery time down to 30 minutes.

Last week got the shingles from a large shingle supplier in MN at the home owners request and they told me 12-3pm roof load. They showed up at 1:30. I like my lumber yard way better with their pre-determined roof load times.

When I go into a few of the shingle houses in MN it’s like going into a third world country. Then you have to wait outside for their forklifts to bring your stuff with all the Hispanics. I always lock my truck when I have to go their. In 10 years never seen a Hispanic at my lumber yard. Nothing against them but they take a lot of time ordering as communications can be difficult.

My lumber guy trusts me and lets me go handpick whatever I need, that’s nice.