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Hey guys I have a new PA on staff, very green to the roofing industry. We are in chicago and were hit with a huge hail storm. Ins is not wanting to pay for I/W, starter, dumpster, and P/L. Any strategies you have used to negociate?

I thought that the requirement for being a PA was to be knowledgeable about the subject that is being advocated for the homeowner. I’m surprised that any homeowner would agree to use a PA pay their fee and them not being the expert.

Illinois is one of the only states I know of, that allows contractors to also be licensed public adjusters and participate in the project, they adjust.

The PA schools out here focus on law not inspections and supplements unfortunately
I was hoping to get some strategies for supplementing

supplementing isnt a schooling topic. Thanks for your input

Look up the local code for the building. Type City of ****** building code and it usually comes up.

If that document says anywhere that - Manufactures warranty / standards required - you need to highlight it.

Find the manufactures requirements. GAF has a pro field guide online that is awesome, other companies have documents as well. Highlight the relevant parts.

Boom you now have in writing why these things are required to be paid for, assuming you have code coverage on the building. If they deny you ask for a reason in writing.

With that denial in writing and the evidence for your claim ANY lawyer will have an open and shut case for abuse by the insurance company.

Good luck.

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