Supplementing Insurance Jobs Training

I have written numerous estimates and supplements for other Contractors. I have consulted and provided training for many Contractors. From that experience, I’ve been able to form the following conclusions:

  1. The vast majority of Contractors do not take an adequate quantity and/or the right photos of the property and damage.
  2. The vast majority of Contractors do not document what is on the roof that needs to be included in a proper Xactimate (or other) estimate.
  3. The vast majority of Contractors do not properly include setting proper expectations in their selling of an Insurance Project to be able to counter the inevitable attempts/attacks the Insurance Adjuster will make to get them to switch Contractors (saying your estimate is too high, they can provide many area contractors who will do the job for the insurance scope of loss amount, your contractor is gouging, etc.). This lack of selling also doesn’t allow the Contractor to utilize one of their strongest supplementing tools – The Homeowner.
  4. The majority of Contractors have little to no clue how to properly and effectively supplement an insurance job that has underestimated materials and line items. These contractors most often end up doing the work at a low profit margin that will inevitably negatively affect the health of their business even causing them to go bankrupt.

I also see Contractors who have a reasonable concept of proper supplementing techniques but don’t properly execute the first 3 items (1 or more) which severely limits their effectiveness.

I am offering a Supplement Training course on Saturday August 10th that will cover all 4 of these items and unlock the secrets for how to effectively supplement Insurance Claims in order that Contractors may get paid properly for the work performed. I have learned and honed these techniques during the 10 years I’ve run my own Restoration Business. Our average increase for insurance jobs, utilizing these techniques, is greater than 25%.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out the post on our Facebook page at click here to learn more about the Supplement Training