Supplement Training


I have been using the free one you gave out. Have still been getting crap from adjusters though. How will the new one be different?


You’ll always get crap from adjusters. You could give them an estimate for $1.95 for replacing a 30 square roof and some Ahole would tell you he has 3 local roofers who would do it for less. They’re trained to deny, delay and defend. The next time one gives you crap, ask him if he can dispute the factual math and factual suppositions that are contained in, and explained, in the waste calc workbook. Of course they are going to say things like “nobody else is doing it that way” or “we’ve been using 10% waste for years for gable roofs and nobody has complained”. Both are lies when they say it as an ultimate. But overall, they are correct. The vast majority of Contractors doing insurance work are mostly clueless about how they should be doing it. So they leaves tens and hundreds of millions of dollars on the table each year. And have been for decades.

What is new, or going to be new when it is finished? Lots. It has a much friendlier format for entering the data. It allows for importing data from RoofSnap for those using that too that will automatically complete 80% of the data entry required. There is a separate tab in the workbook that breaks out estimating, material ordering and roof labor quantities. Another tab has over 30 common supplement statements to be used in an email supplementing heading. There is a tab that has a small “simple waste calculation table and statements” that you can copy and paste into your supplement email heading. I have been using that very effectively to get the proper waste assigned.

Once it is totally completed, assuming I can add these capabilties, you would be able to do an Xactimate like estimate from the workbook. You’ll also be able to prepare and print a material and roof labor work order from the workbook. There are some other things but I think that covers most of it.

The Contractors that have taken the training course have gotten a copy of the new roof waste calc workbook as it sits right now, which is very functional.


I know other contractors aren’t doing it, but when I am the onky one at my company doing it… And still wondering why we are short on every job. “These crews are throwing away shingles!” Or the math is off like I showed them.

I think the one you have is very easy to use. Everything is backed up correctly.

I can’t afford the course right now, have some things coming up that I need chunks of money for. Will be taking one in the future though.


Sarah, yes it is a little high but tell you boss he will get that money back within a month and then he will be putting that amount in his pocket. Education is everything in this business or any business for that fact.


I am at the point where I am just going to pay for it myself. Education and the knowledge is KEY in supplement. I can’t get that knowledge without help, so I’m just going to help myself~ :sunglasses:


Sarah, you sound like a very bright person. $1,500 hundred sounds like a
lot and Xactimate
offers classes for $750.00, if i remember it is a three day class so if you
are going to pay for the class yourself you may want to consider that.
Also, you tube has a lot of good information and short videos to pin point
the area that you are working in, be roofing siding, etc.

Remember if you learn Xactimate well you can write your own ticket in many
different areas such as water restoration, roofing,
siding, attorneys, public adjusters, independent adjusters, insurance
companies, fema contractor, on and on. Go to you tube and watch the gal on
XM8mastery, she is making a killing not only by training but the hits she
is getting on the you tube channel. Once you get proficient at Xactimate
may be you could also teach classes. Everybody need to lean the program.

Paul Jerde
Advent Public Adjusters, LLC



I am level 1&2 - fundamentals & proficiency certified, each level of Xactimate costs only $500, but these Xactimate class are focused on sketching and are tailored for insurance companies: insurance field estimators…Xactimate training has NOTHING to do with supplements and are Not from the perspective of the contractor. My job turned into career, and i thirst for information and training that will make me better at my job. I am worth that…I am resourceful, intelligent, good with people, and know how to articulate what I am asking for. I am a self taught supplementer…exactly through youtube, forums, google, trial and error, absorbing and intergrating any new tibit I come across, and ASKING QUESTIONS. I am going to continue to the mastery class next…but it’s no joke, I will have to study for hours, since I am a supplementer, I dont need to make sketches. But you are right. Xactimate certs. are great to have under your belt in case I want to move into different aspects of this industry. So while it wasnt technically a waste of time, it still did not help in teaching on the job I do. Supplementing to insurance. Thanks for your guidance and input,
Paul Jerde!!


$1500 is a bargain. We haven’t wasted our money on an appraiser or PA in 3 years because we don’t need to. How many jobs would they have to send to a PA to delay for 3 to 12 months and then pay the PA cut before they spent $1500? Better to learn how to do it themselves which is likely why you posted negatively about my training. Most of the PA’s I see are out hawking their services like none other. Well, not the good ones. Instead of wasting their time hawking their services on a roofing forum and negative selling other people, they have people calling them every day because they are known as good.

I can’t speak for other people but in our own company, when comparing first cuts of the scope of loss to final, revised claim amounts, I supplemented for over a million dollars in 2017. All by myself. All Residential. And the training covers a lot more than just supplementing. Every participant gets a copy of my new roof waste calc workbook that has not been given out to anybody for free nor will it. Much advanced over the previous version. I teach them how to actually write a good estimate using Xactimate instead of wasting people’s time showing them how to sketch roofs in Xactimate. And they’re shown how to use the roof waste calc workbook to help write their estimates and to assist with their supplements.

So before you start talking negative about someone else’s work pal, you should spend some time understanding what it is and who is providing it. And here’s the other huge difference. I actually own a very successful contracting firm. How much actual experience do you have as an Owner of a General Contracting company? You try to help people by providing them a fish and that feeds them for a day. I teach them how to fish so they can eat for a lifetime. Huge difference.


Sarah, you ahead of me and i did not know how much you knew about the
business but i can tell you will be
a shining star in the business. Please keep my information and i would like
to have your contact information also.

Go get.em Sarah
Your boss may be sorry some day.



That was beyond sweet and I appreciate it. I am feeling undervalued at my company at the moment so that was nice to hear. :):blush:


Are you going to do any more classes anytime soon?


Hi Sarah. I am new to this industry & want to get started in supplementing.
Where should I begin?