Supplement Training


I have had multiple requests, from here and other forums, for consulting and training relating to insurance work. I recently trained three other contractors on properly writing Xactimate estimates and supplementing insurance claims. I will be providing a two day training session next Wednesday and Thursday February 7 and 8. A couple of openings remain at this time. If demand is sufficient, i may consider one more in a couple of weeks. After that, I’ll likely be too busy with my own contracting business. The training would be done via teleconference using zoom which is similar to GoToMeeting.

The student needs to have access to xactimate and have at least a fundamental knowledge of using the program. To be clear, my class is not fundamental xactimate training. The xactimate portion of the training will be to teach how to properly write estimates to help make sure you get paid properly.

The training starts with a short one on one teleconference with the student. I will have previously provided the xactimate macros I use. During the one on one, I will help the student load the macros and check their experience level. I’ll make sure xactimate is properly set up. This has to occur prior to the formal training start time.

Each company’s owner needs to be present for the first two hours of the training. Proper estimating and supplementing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The company will need to understand how proper inspections need to be performed, pictures taken, roof graphs filled out and customer expectations set in order to supplement efficiently. This is crucial for the company to take full advantage of what I’m going to teach.

The remainder of the first day will be spent learning how to use the newest version of my roof waste calculator, then, how to utilize the waste calculator results in properly writing an xactimate estimate. The student will learn how to use my macros to speed up the estimate writing and create a more effective estimate. There will be various other tips and tricks covered. First day is expected to take about 6 hours. A copy of the new waste calculator workbook is included with the training. This version is not going to be given out for free as past versions have.

The second day will cover supplementing. How to prepare a supplement, wno to send it to, how to properly present it. I will cover numerous examples of supplements we have submitted in the past six months. The training includes a PDF of the majority of the things we cover both days including all the estimate and supplement examples. Second day should take between 5 to 7 hours, depends on number of questions.

Following the training, I will offer each student 1 to 2 hours of one on one to prepare an estimate and supplement. It’s up to the student and owner to select an appropriate job to work on that will be good for training and should pay some fair amount of additional dollars from the claim.

The cost is $1500, preferred payment method is PayPal. Credit cards can be used with PayPal. If interested, contact me at


I think it is great you are offering to do that AD.
I am sure it is worth it.


Contractors doing $1 Million in roofing and not presently skilled at supplementing should easily increase their profits by $75K to $100K if they follow this training and put in a reasonable effort. We average over 15% increases of the original scope of loss in our business.


I would like to be included in this Training, I can attend on the 7th, but I have an adjuster meeting I cannot miss. It is at 1pm to 2:30pm, what time is your conference


Question: How do I supplement for the price difference in example: 30 year vs 25 year in xactimate?


The training starts at 8:30 AM EST each day, the 7th and 8th.

If the existing roof is 30 year and the insurance only paid for 25 year, send in pictures of the shingles on the existing roof, showing they are 30 year, and request a change to 30 year.


If it is the other way around?

a code requirement for the upgrade to the 30 year from the 25 year, same method?


Not sure I understand. I’ve never seen code that requires an upgrade to 30 year. Are you talking about a coastal requirement to meet a minimum wind rating?


I am talking about the wind rating, the insurance is wanting to replace with 25yr, but the home is on the side of the beach which requires a higher wind rating


Assuming the Policy Holder has ordinance of law coverage in their policy, there is your argument for approving a 30 year laminated that meets the wind requirement.


Trained 5 Contractors this past week. Going to do one more in the next two weeks if I get three minimum to sign up.


Haven’t been able to get on here much, sad I missed the opportunity! Kudos to you AD - love that you’re willing to help others. I know you’re a busy man.


Planning another for this wednesday and thursday.


how can I get more info on this class?


It’s pretty well laid out previously in this post. I will pm you my phone number.


I am SO interested…not sure if I can sell my boss on paying $1,500 for it. :weary:


Sarah, the last one for quite some time is going to happen this Thursday and Friday. If you wish, ask your Boss to contact me. If you put what is taught in the training into practice, you’ll easily pay for it within a month. Just properly using the roof waste calc workbook to get the right amount of materials bought on each job would pay back the training in 5 to 7 roofs. I never understand why companies hire people and then refuse to invest in them so they get the proper ROI. SMH


I just emailed my boss about it. Fingers crossed.


I am interested in purchasing the new waste calculator. Where do I buy it? And I’m going to email a pdf I put together regarding DMO and RFG codes. Feel free to share ot and post it.


It’s not quite ready for sale. I’ll post when it is. Thanks.