Supplement Questions: Simbility v Xactimate


So I have an insurance company that is trying to say they do not have to negotiate the price difference between an xactimate and a Simbility, (they use Simbility) and they are more than 5k away from my estimate even though they do agree with all the same individual items.

Have any of you had success arguing market costs, sub bids, or any other options with a difficult adjuster.

On this job that 5k represents most of my profits.


No need to argue. Have the Homeowner send your estimate in, tell the IC they have chosen you, they have a contract with you and they could find nothing in their policy that states they have to accept the amount estimated by the insurance company. In most scopes of loss, there is a statement on the front page that explicitly states the choice of contractor is the policy holder’s (as is the subsequent responsibility for that contractor’s work). The other choice, if that fails, is appraisal.


Im curious AD… How many times a year do you escalate a claim to appraisal?


Perhaps once every two years. I’ve found if you do things correctly, you rarely need appraisal or a PA.


Agreeing with Authentic Dad. The insurer is required to pay a sum considered “standard and reasonable”. Since Xactimate is so widely utilized by insurance companies, its calculations should be considered “standard and reasonable”, no matter what your insurance company says.


Thank you all for your responses. I have brought the arguments up with the insurance company and am awaiting a response now.


How did it go? Erie Insurance by chance?


Not Well.
They shut down and said that they would not operate to any other standard than their own.

They threatened the homeowner with doping their policy if they perused further. We have gotten a PA involved at this point, at the customers request. The customer is very unhappy with the insurance companies behavior