Suggestions for an inexpensive, durable, repairable roofing product with a good warranty


Thank you MPA, I feel good about these tiles.
I’m worried that the price is too low.
Maybe I could ask them to charge me more.

What I am worried about now is the venting.
My roof has quite a few vents now.
It looks like these metal tiles will not use the existing vents.
Wish they would. I am worried about the mositure that could occur.

Also like the look of radiant barrier.
Putting in a radiant barrier looks like a very smart plan.
Like putting the roof into the shade.
Why aren’t these in the code?


Should be able to vent at the ridge, ridge vent is more effective and less problematic imo


That’s an exposed fastener panel, which are okay but are not any better than shingles.


Thank you everyone!

The big advantage that I am seeing is the 50 year non — prorated warranty.
I know that talk is cheap, though I do not see many 50 year asphalt non — prorated warranties, if there were I would
go with the tried and true.

I do not want to go for indestructible metal tiles only to find that there is a condensation problem.
So they do not use the vents that are in place? I thought perhaps I would ask them to just keep the vents and tile around them.
Their website seems to be very careful when talking about the venting.
They want to do a full on-site attic inspection to make sure everything is OK.

These are giving me worries.


Does anyone know how these tiles would be installed?
Is it necessary for them to drill exposed screws through these panels?
I would have thought that they would have used the same system as asphalt hidden screws.


It’s an exposed fastener panel installed over battens. Semi popular here in Ontario. Its an alright roof, I just don’t like exposed fastener systems.
That one may be a hidden system at second glance. Make sure that it is if your considering it.


Thank you patchap.
This is a confusing choice, I am glad that there are pros out there that can help make a better choice.

If there is a direct to deck product at the same price point I think I would go with direct to deck.
The url above mentioned that the logic behind battens is somewhat suspect.

By the picture it looks to be hidden.
The videos that I saw online of people taking a panel and drilling 18 exposed holes was like a horror movie.

I will ask about that.

I will also ask about the battens.
What I could like them to do if it makes sense is to drill through little holes in the battens so that any moisture/condensation could drip down the roof. When I saw these battens that appeared to be completely sealed rectangles I had a very bad feeling. Might also be an idea to have the battens on a slight angle so that the moisture could run down and then drip through.


Could I install a rooftop patio over top of the metal shingles?
Any product names that would allow this to happen?

One of the last remaining points of confusion for me is batten or not.
The Advanta metal shingle seems to be applied directly onto the roof surface without battens.
This seems to be an issue within the roofing professional.

Are the battenless metal shingles more expensive than the product that I have shown above?
Any advantages/ disadvantages of direct to deck shingles?


I have quotes of $5500 per 10 square of roofing with metal tile exposed fasteners.
Using the architectural drawings and a tape measure, I calculated the roofing area as 1650 square feet.
I thought this would mean that the total price would be near $10,000.

Yet, when I had a sit down with the roofer the price hit over $20,000 before taxes and extras.
Could someone get me in the right ball park for a metal tile roof for my house?


Can’t help you on a price but no way would I pay 20k…10k even for 16sq of something that uses exposed fasteners on my house, but that’s just me.


Thank you for replying MPA.

Even with a 50 year non-prorated warranty?
They seem to have a high degree of confidence in their product and had all the right answers.
Wouldn’t it just be a question of tightening the screws if something went wrong?

I would really love a metal roof, though I do not want a whole bunch of headaches.
Exposed fasteners really do not seem like a very smart way of installing a roof.
Hiding the fasteners, just like in asphalt shingles, clearly makes a great deal more sense
to me, yet the price appears to then escalate.


Those “metal tile” roofs are pretty common here. Their shitty in comparison to hidden fastener products. Interlock,clicklock and a bunch of other ones make pretty good roofs.


patchap thank you very much for replying.

How much for 17 square of a hidden fastener product (Interlock, clicklock, perhaps Adventa)?


Give em a call. Like everything else it depends on different things. It won’t be cheap


You should be able to get a TAMKO MetalWorks steel shingle in the $500-$600/sq ballpark.

This is the ballpark for anything desirable as far as metal roofing is concerned, it goes up from here.


Axiom, really? (Nice pair by the way)

What I am having trouble understanding is how I am getting quotes in the $550 per square ballpark, when
I am also getting these same quotes for asphalt shingles. If I can choose metal over asphalt at the same price
point there is not much to think about.

Shouldn’t I expect that 17 square of metal hidden fasteners installed will push me up to $20,000?
I would really love the metal, though I have the impression that the $550 price is more about getting me to the showroom.

I have almost given up on metal, though if anyone can help out and confirm that the all in price for 17 square of metal would be around $10,000 then it would be an easier decision for me.


Well if you have an old house that has multiple layers of roofing on it of course it’s going to cost a lot more.

If you want things done nicely the tear off portion and the subsequent repairing of everything that has been neglected for decades is going to to be extra.

If you have an 18 sq roof that everybody is telling you is going to cost in excess of $10k then you have a forked up roof that is in desperate need of attention.

Searching for the lowest bidder is going to cost you at least 2x as much in the end.


I suspect you wouldn’t put an exposed fastener roof on your house regardless of the cost…


We were told $20K for the exposed fasteners.
(Canadian dollars. The house was built less than 20 years ago and has only one sheet of asphalt on it.)

Somehow they measured the roof out as 28.5 square.
I have no idea where they managed to move it up to 28.5 square.
We have a straight roof with 50 by 24 house foot print, 16’ and 8’ foot runs
from the ridge with a 9 foot ridge height. When I plugged all the numbers
into the calculator I had 16.5 square.


Perhaps somebody measured wrong?

What is the answer you wish to hear?