I used and found Custom Roofing LlC in Junction City, Or. I was really happy with my new roof. I have been burned alot by contractors, and Im shocked I wasnt scammed or burned. I know how to look up licenses now too. My mom has invested twice in her home, and her basement is still unfinished. Her driveay looks good, but she has a huge bill and the guy is very hard to get a hold of. Anyways if anyone needs a new roof in Oregon use Custom Roofing LLC. They are actually great…Im still stunned, so is my husband! Now Im actually friends with the contractors wife. Im here at her house typing this up (She asked me to and Im more than happy to do it).

Ellie (Eugene,OR)

It would have been a lot better if you had left this part off, but I guess we (me, anyhow) are still cynical that this isn’t just a push ad for the co. & being done by a co. employee or salesperson.

Custom Roofing could be a member here.


Nice to hear from a happy customer. We usually get ticked off homeowners here. :smiley:

You should post a few pics of the nice job.

i begg to differ.
the h/os are allways happy.
its the members, that get a little testy now
and then.

Ranch, i agree with you. Something just tells me this is not a happy customer, but a not so happy contractor… call me a pessimist :slight_smile:

I have no doubt. Sites like this get hit with spam on a regular basis.