Subcontractor pricing question on shakes

Been lurking here for a little while and have gotten a lot of valuable info from the board. I am with a midsized company in Nebraska and was wondering if some of the prices we pay our subs are a bit out of line. For normal asphalt off and on walker we are at $85/square which I think is fair, but have been running into more shakes recently and the crews are getting $160/square to take shakes off and just put Presidential AR/IR back on. Obviously more for steep and high. To me this should be closer to $120/square. Thoughts?

That’s probably cheap. It is cheap. Shaker is a P.iTA to remove and dispose of, is at least $100 put SQ foot demo of shakes if not more. Presidential is more than the average to install.

Thanks for the reply, $100 per square seems high to remove and dispose shakes. Xactimate has it at $50 per square. Don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with a lot of Xactimate pricing, but I would think it is somewhere in the middle. I am actually glad to hear that $160 is not out of line.

It would be high if we ever settled for the Xactimate pricing on shakes. We don’t. Xactimate pricing for exotics is stupid low.