Subcontractor looking for work

I just re new my insurances and ready to start doing roofs. Am base out of oklahoma city and would like some help from people here in this room. I was out for almost two years due to a roof accident and I wasnt able to supervice my crews so I let them go. I am back n done some work here locally doing tpo, metal and shingles roofs but I wanna travel. Any of you people here know a good state where they have lots of damage or any of you need crews.


I would stay put in OKC. I just got offered a 4,000 square apt job there and severe storms are forecast for tomorrow night and tuesday. I see it all the time when someone leaves home and a hail storm comes a couple weeks later. The poorer parts of north OKC are still available and they are building apartments there this Spring. These new complexes will eat up a bunch of subs in OKC. Message me if you want to sell. I am thinking it will be a great Spring and summer in Oklahoma! I am seeing a lot of wind repair jobs everywhere just untouched.

If you’re ever totally buried and need help I run a 6 man crew/company plus myself. We could come down in one or two week increments from NW Iowa and help you.

Just keep the lines open, we’re always looking for work.


With all the storms in Iowa why on earth would you want to be involved witth Oklahoma contracting ?

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I will be heading down to Oklahoma with my family at the end of the summer otherwise i wouldn’t even ask thequestion. We are sitting real strong with profitable work up here. Still have 15 roofs from last fall’s hail storm to do.

I never like to leave a stone unturned though.

Not trying to bust your nuggets but what percentage are you offering your sales staff ? Don’t get me wrong I know there is money in OKC but that is if you are selling for a solid reputable company that bids correctly and offers a 10/50/50 or a 5/50/50 for high volume closers.

You said a few weeks ago that you did a super steep for peanuts so what could you possibly offer a 70%-80% closer?

Once again I am not trying to put you on display I am merely trying to figure out how with your bidding history are able to offer a decent profitable enviroment for someone willing to travel states away on a wing and a prayer.

What are you able to offer a salesman that sells to homeowners who buy the materials and you provide the labor?

Abel can do what he wants because after all I am not my brothers keeper.,hahaha.,sorry had to say that.

Im confused on this one if he can sell whats the problem? If he cant and is looking for work then look around you. There is many jobs to be done there. start open phone book and run from there. same on sales.

Still looking for a contractor to sub me some jobs.

You want storm work and some travel ?.,If you don’t have luck on this site let me know and I can refer you to some serious high volume 50 Million + stormers.

I’m located in OKC and looking for a roofing crews. Contact me at 405-323-7777 or email at

If you still looking for work and would like to come to MN, I have about 70 residential shingle jobs ready to go. My email is Let me know if interested.

I’m looking for roofing crews in Michigan have over 100 roofs

Get ahold of me 2313130863 in michigan lots of roofs

I’m need roofing crews in michigan and will pay housing have over 100 roofs signed and signing more give me a call 2313130863

Got plenty of work on New England